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Chongqing Will Have A Sunny-to-Rainy May-Day Holiday


Chongqing- The monthly press conference on the weather of Chongqing was held on April 29. Tan Chang, Deputy Director and spokesman of Chongqing Meteorological Administration reported Chongqing’s weather during the “May Day” holiday and flood season climate trends.

Since the Spring (March 1, 2021, ~ April 28), the climate of Chongqing, in general, shows the characteristics of high temperature, precipitation, and low sunshine.

A Sunny-to-Rainy Holiday

During the May Day holiday in 2021, the weather of Chongqing will change from sunny to rainy. There will be a strong rainfall accompanied by lightning, short-term heavy precipitation, and local gusts of wind during the afternoon of the 2nd to the 4th.

Drought and Flood Alternating in Flood Season

The overall climate trend in the flood season of 2021 (May-September) is expected to be drought and flood alternating, and drought will be more than flooding. Regional high temperature and drought will be obvious; heavy rainfall, flooding, and geological hazards will be locally heavy.

Trends of Meteorological Disaster

First, the risk of heavy rainfall, flooding, and geological disasters in some areas may be high. In the flood season (May-September), there is expected to have 6 to 9 regional heavy rainfall, and the risk of heavy rainfall flooding and geological hazards in the northeast is high.

Forecast of Precipitation during 2021 flood season (May-September)

Second, the meteorological drought is heavier than usual, and the overall degree of drought is heavier than usual (20 to 30 days).

Forecast of average temperature during 2021 flood season (May-September)

Third, the high temperature is significantly higher than usual. During the summer (July-August) peak, the city’s extreme maximum temperature can reach 39 to 40 ℃ in most areas and 42 ℃ in flat dams and river valleys.

Fourth, there will be rainy days with a low temperature in May and early Autumn.


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