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Photo story: how Chongqing treats its fans during holiday?


During the Labor Day holiday, the topic with tag #Chongqingclosedthebridgeandroadfortourists is on the top 20 on Sina Weibo (Chinese social media), this is not the first time Chongqing to treat its visitors as hot topics on search engine. This city continued to love its tourists and treats them well.

Chongqing closed the bridge and road for tourists on the top 1 search on Sina Weibo, photo provided to iChongqing

Bridge closed for best photo-taking spots

In order to satisfy tourists who want to view night scenes and take photos on the Qiansimen Bridge, Chongqing has blocked the two-way traffic of the Qiansimen Bridge from May 1st. The bridge was full of traffic every day, now is surrounded all by tourists.

crowds on the Qiansimen Bridge, photo by Zhang Kunkun

Qiansimen Bridge closed for tourists on May 1st, photo by Zhang Kunkun

A Chongqing citizen said: “I didn’t receive a text message reminding locals not to go out this year.” Then a Chongqing citizen responded: “Chongqing has become a habit of pampering tourists. We are habitually not going out, so we can make room for everyone.

tourists cross the road at Hongyadong, photo provided by Yuzhong Police Office

The city is managing the tourist market well.” In addition to the closed bridge, the police office in the Yuzhong district put in more than 1,600 security forces such as public security and traffic police in the entire district every day to ensure the safety of tourists.

a policeman on duty during Labor Day holiday, photo provided by Yuzhong Police Office

On the evening of May 1, when the traffic of popular scenic spots such as Hongyadong and Chaotianmen Square gradually increased, the police in Yuzhong District opened a switch human wall on Jiabin Road to escort tourists across the road safely.

tourists at the crossroad in Yuzhong district, photo by Zhang Kunkun

Extending running hours of CRT

The night view of Hongya Cave, Ciqikou, the railway go through the building at Liziba station are places where many tourists come to Chongqing to see. A few days before the Labor Day holiday, Chongqing Rail Transit decided to extend the operating hours of some lines from April 30th to May 5th in order to satisfy tourists’ travel during the holiday. The departure time of the last trains of the Circle Line, Line 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 10 will be delayed from 22:30 to 23:00.

tourists were taking photos on Labor Day for the CRT went through the building, photo by Cui Li

Shorten the waiting time of red light

“I feel very happy when I come to Chongqing!” said Xiaozhi, who came to visit Chongqing from Shandong. He had heard of Chongqing pampering tourists before, but he didn’t expect such a nice experience. “It used to be more than 60 seconds to wait for a red light. Now due to there are so many tourists, the red light has been adjusted to 30 seconds.” The change in the details of the traffic signal lights at the Liziba Station of the track also made many people call “so caring” for travelers!

Local treated tourist for milk tea

In the past two days, a video was screened on social media. It was a delivery driver who sent milk tea to tourists in Hongyadong. He said that it was a “boss” who asked him to send out milk tea to tourists. This is how Chongqing locals treat tourists with their hospitality.

the video on social media


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