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SW China's Chongqing Releases 28 Measures to Stimulate Consumption Vitality


Chongqing- The General Office of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government has issued measures recently to accelerate development in new types of consumption and release consumption potential, in which they proposed 28 related action points.

Propositions include support for quality improvements in the core area of Two Rivers and Four Banks, which will boost the night economy based on a “Chongqing that Never Sleeps”.

Financial Support

The scope of support will be subsidized according to a standard amount not exceeding 40% of actual investment, with a maximum subsidy total of 2 million yuan.

Night economic demonstration zones that are successfully established are to be rewarded according to a standard amount not exceeding 40% of actual investment, up to a maximum of 1 million yuan.

Additionally, brand promotion activities in national and municipal level consumption areas will receive financial support for publicity expenses, such as the cultural tourism promotion of nighttime wonders.

Measures put forward include many innovative approaches such as the promotion of online entertainment through online audio-visual platforms, live broadcasts, film, and television, which will promote the application of emerging technology and services to content production.

Qualified game and entertainment venues will be encouraged to organize regional, national, and international competitions and entertainment.


Hongyadong plays an important role in the Two Rivers Four Banks core area night economy. (iChongqing file photo)

In addition, there are also proposals to expand online sports consumption, the construction and integration of sports goods and services through e-commerce platforms, performances, fitness, and other resources in the field of sports. A new innovative production and marketing model will be introduced to promote coordinated online and offline sales.

Intelligent Distribution and Services 

Qualified districts and counties will also be encouraged to hold smart sports competitions at all levels, including skiing, football, cycling, racing, water sports, and others, to drive sales in fitness equipment and 5G terminal products.

Targeted measures are imperative to activate new forms of consumption. For example, measures have been proposed to adapt to the needs of new energy vehicles and delivery logistics, optimize the use of surrounding lands and underground spaces in communities, neighborhoods, commercial outlets, tourist attractions, and resorts. One approach is improved configuration and power grade of electrical charging stations.

Support for intelligent terminal distribution has been proposed for online customers who aren’t available to receive express delivery. The development of intensive distribution models, such as zone demarcation in major urban areas integrated with outer suburbs and counties, will guide enterprises in building common distribution centers and terminal service facilities, focusing on the daily necessities of food and medicine.

Deployment of smart vending machines, dining cabinets, letterboxes, and recycling stations in commercial buildings and hospitals will be promoted, while policy and financial support for land use and intelligent upgrades will spur the construction of express delivery sites.

In order to stimulate consumption vitality, the policy release has proposed enrichment to the supply of culturally innovative products to drive consumption, promote online entertainment, improve smart tourism services, expand the scope of Internet + medical service insurance payments. Support will be provided for the development of cross-border e-commerce and optimization of consumer financial services.


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