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Livestreaming a Guiness World Record 3D Painting in Ba'Nan | Mikkel's Vlog

By Mikkel LarsenICHONGQING|May 31,2021

Chongqing – On May 27th, I had the pleasure of traveling to Ba’nan district in Chongqing once more with my wonderful colleague Xuelin. Our mission this time was to produce a Livestream and conduct an interview about two 3D paintings that each hold a Guinness World Record. One for the largest 3D painting, another for the longest.

3D Painting in Ba’Nan (iChongqing/Mikkel Larsen)

3D Painting in Ba’Nan (iChongqing/Mikkel Larsen)

3D Painting in Ba’Nan (iChongqing/Mikkel Larsen)

I was joking with Xuelin on the trip that I have been to Ba’ Nan district more times this year than in the 8 years I have lived in Chongqing altogether. Not only this trip but our previous visit to the Tea Mountain and the Mudong ancient town just recently.

I always enjoy visiting the Ba’nan district, despite being fairly large and taking a good while to go anywhere here. Nature here is really beautiful, and you’re far enough away from the downtown area that it is generally quiet and calm—a nice getaway for a day or two. We happened to be visiting what is also one of the most beautiful homestays in Chongqing, and I really wish I could have spent a night here just to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Unfortunately, we had to make our way back to Chongqing as I had a trip to Nanchuan the following day.

3D Painting in Ba’Nan (iChongqing/Mikkel Larsen)

Visiting the 3D paintings was a cool experience. I’ll be honest, that it isn’t really my typical idea of a place I would visit, but I also tend to travel on my own for photography and such (because I know people get tired of waiting for me to finish taking my pictures). But when you go with others, and when you can see and interact with the 3D painting and put yourself in it, it becomes a different experience.

The locals in Ba’nan and those who help us set up and organize for Livestream events like these are also always super friendly are take good care of us while we’re there, even if just for a short time. It means a lot to receive this kind of support when you’re a small team of two, having to try and get everything in order.

3D Painting in Ba’Nan (iChongqing/Mikkel Larsen)

Our Livestream went alright as well. I think we had some signal problems for about 15 minutes or so, but overall, it was a good experience. I think our audience enjoyed Xuelin’s hosting and the representative of the place that we were with showing us around, telling us all the details of the painting. After the Livestream finished, we took a few minutes to do a recorded interview as well, and I had a few minutes to shoot my vlog footage and take some photos, even though I tried to do that during the Livestream as well. I’ve become quite adept at multitasking.


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