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China's Wuling Mountain Releases Top 10 Tourist Quality Routes


“Wuling is a paradise for leisure and health on earth.” On May 27th, at the closing ceremony of the 2021 China Wuling Culture and Tourism Summit held in Wulong, Chongqing, China’s Wuling Mountain Top 10 Quality Scenic Spots, Wuling Mountain Top 10 Popular Scenic Spots, and Wuling Mountain Top 10 Cultural Tourism Integrated Scenic Spots were awarded by the committee, and the Top 10 Tourist Quality Routes of Wuling Mountain were released.

The 2021 China Wuling Culture and Tourism Summit

The List of the Top 10 Quality Routes of Wuling Mountain

  • Route 1   The Red Classics

The Former Residential of He Long- Phoenix Ancient Town-Sidu Chishui Memorial Hall-Zunyi Conference Site-Xifeng Concentration Camp- Zhazi Cave-Hongyan Revolution Memorial Hall. It takes 5 days to experience the red footprint of changing the destiny of the Chinese revolution.

Hongyan Revolution Memorial Hall

  • Route 2   Seeking the World’s Heritage

Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain-Wulong Natural Third Bridge-Longshui Gorge Crack-Furong Cave-Zhangjiajie-Fanjing Mountain-Chishui Danxia. The 5-day tour will make you feel the splendor of the world’s natural heritage and experience the mysterious natural scenery of Wuling Mountain.

Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain

  • Route 3    Life of Youth

A Four-day tour of Fuling Baiheliang-Lichuan Tenglong Cave-Shennongjia-Quyuan Hometown-Three Gorges Dam. Take the shortest path to see the most shocking scenery, where both humanity and nature are combined, and research and study are combined with the construction of the motherland.

  • Route 4   The Magnificent Feast

A 5-day tour of Wulong Yangjiao Ancient Town-Qianjiang Luoshui Ancient Town-Gongtan Ancient Town-Hong’an Border Town-Tongren-Qiandongnan Prefecture-Shaoyang-Changsha. Try mutton soup pot, taste Tujia camellia soup, find Qianjiang chicken miscellaneous, eat Miaojia fish in sour soup, eat Changsha stinky tofu, look for authentic delicacies and recall the taste of Wuling.

  • Route 5   The Essence of Yangtze River

A 4-day tour of Chongqing City center-Fengdu Famous mountains-Shibaozhai-Xituo Ancient Town-Shennong Stream-Three Gorges Dam. Take a cruise down the Yangtze River and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Xituo Ancient Town

  • Route 6   The Charm of the Border Towns

A 5-day tour of Wulong Fairy Mountain-Xiushan Hong’an Border Town-Phoenix Ancient City-Wulingyuan Scenic Area-Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie. Take a trip to the border towns and seek dreams in the wonderland of Wuling.

  • Route 7   Geological Excursion

A Six-day tour of Fuling 816 Underground Nuclear Plant-Fuling Wuling Mountain Rift Valley-Fengdu Xueyu Cave-Zhongxian Shibaozhai-Lichuan Longchuan Water Town-Enshi Grand Canyon-Enshi Native Three Gorges. Explore natural geological wonders and learn about historical and cultural relics.

  • Route 8  Recreation and Leisure

A seven-day tour of Wulong Fairy Mountain-Fengdu Nantian Lake-Shizhu Huangshui-Xianfeng Pingbaying-Phoenix Ancient Town-Fanjing Mountain. Enjoy the masterpiece of world-class health resorts.

Fanjing Mountain

  • Route 9    Ethnicity and Humanity

A seven-day Tour of Yangmei Ancient Village Scenic Area-Pingbaying Forest Park-Youyang Taohuayuan-Aizhai Wonder Tourist Area-Phoenix Ancient City. The scenic spots are densely packed at the junction of the three provinces, with natural scenery interspersed with Miao architecture and historical stories.

  • Route 10   Masterpieces of China’s Ethnicities.

A six-day tour of Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village-Zhenyuan Ancient Town-Yunshe Zhaisha-China Nuo City-Chiyou Jiuli City-Zhuoshui Ancient Town-Enshi Tusi City. Experience the ethnic characteristic buildings of Wuling Mountain and the folk customs of Wuling.

The List of the Top 10 Tourist Quality Scenic Spots of Wuling Mountain

Wulong Karst Tourist Area (Fairy Mountain, Tiansheng Third Bridge, Furong Cave), Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, Tongren Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area, Enshi Grand Canyon View, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Youyang Peach Blossom Spring Scenic Area, Changde Peach Blossom Spring Scenic Area, Enshi Xianfengpingba Ying Scenic Area, Pengshui Ayi River Scenic Area, Tongren Shiqian Hot Spring Scenic Area.

The List of the Top 10 Tourist Quality Scenic Spots of Wuling Mountain

The List of the Top 10 Popular Scenic Spots of Wuling Mountain

Qianjiang Luoshui Scenic Area, Wulong Baima Mountain Tianchi Love Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area, Fuling Wuling Mountain Great Rift Valley Scenic Area, Zunyi Meitan Dry Art Plum Garden Scenic Area, Changyang Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area, Enshiye Three Gorges Comprehensive Tourist Area, Huaihua City Chuanyan Mountain Scenic Area, Enshi Dixin Valley Scenic Area, Fengdu Nantian Lake Tourist Resort.

Fuling 816 Project Scenic Area, Tongren Songtao Miaowang City Scenic Area, Enshi Xianfeng Tangya Tusi Site Scenic Area, Tongren Bijiang District Daming Border City Scenic Area, Zunyi Gelao Source Scenic Area, Shizhu Wanshou Mountain Scenic Area, Zunyi Meitan’s First Pot of Chinese Tea Culture Expo Garden Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie Military Sound Painting Academy Scenic Area, Enshi Xuan’en Lion Pass Tourist Area, Xiushan West Street Scenic Area.



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