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Chongqing – Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd. (CMAL) is a professional smart logistics and supply chain platform service provider, focusing on vehicle logistics, parts logistics, supply chain logistics, international logistics, circulation processing, and new ecological business. It has long been the integrated logistics service provider to Chang’an Automobile, First Automobile Workshop (FAW), Dongfeng Automobile and many other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). CMAL’s main vehicle logistics business transports 3.5 million vehicles every year and currently ranks 29th in China’s logistics industry and 3rd in the country’s automobile logistics industry.

On May 28, a group of journalists from various local and national automobile media organizations went to visit the CMAL’s intelligent unmanned warehouse for automobile logistics, their unmanned delivery vehicles, and the Chang’an Minsheng Information Building, as part of a two-day Online Media Chongqing Auto Tour program. Themed “Decoding the Rise of Smart Auto Makers,” the event kicked off at the Grand Metropark Hotel Chongqing on May 27, with more than 20 national and local media outlets and social media automotive personalities embarking on a two-day journey to visit the city’s star automaker Chang’an Auto, rising new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer Jinkang Seres Auto, and automotive logistics service provider Chang’an Minsheng APLL Logistics (CMAL).

An inside view of the CMAL intelligent unmanned warehouse for automobile logistics. (iChongqing/Truman PENG)

Driven by the wave of science and technology, the logistics industry has undergone tremendous changes, and CMAL has established the first automotive intelligent unmanned warehouse in response to the trend. For the distribution of auto parts, there are mainly five processes of receiving, warehousing, shipping, distribution, and feeding, the former four of which are what the unmanned warehouse mainly focuses on.

In the intelligent unmanned warehouse, workstation personnel will first scan the codes for the materials to be put into the warehouse, and then the unmanned vehicles that transported the materials will be activated to orderly put different types of materials into the inventory. Ever since the adoption of the intelligent unmanned warehouse, the number of staff needed in the warehouse has been reduced by 24, and the time from receiving an instruction from the OEM to the delivery of materials reduced from 60 minutes to 30-45 minutes, significantly reducing the costs and increasing efficiency.

As for distribution, CMAL adopted L4-level autonomous vehicles to replace traditional trucks for material distribution in March this year, and the factory’s transfer efficiency has increased by 30%, the annual cost has been reduced by more than 3 million, and noise pollution and exhaust emissions have also been effectively controlled.

Autonomous UGVs are employed to pick and store automotive parts into the inventory. (iChongqing/Truman PENG)

In the process of transforming from traditional to digital smart logistics, CMAL also reserves technologies such as laser navigation manipulators and joint robots for material grabbing and material delivery. In response to the inventory of vehicle transportation out of the warehouse, large-scale UAV inventory is used to increase efficiency with technology.

Since its establishment in 2001, CMAL has undergone 20 years of development and has grown from a traditional automobile logistics company to a green and intelligent supply chain logistics technology company equipped with a large number of intelligent equipment. And by implementing visual scanning during the receiving process, and implementing the final assembly AMR during the feeding process to further realize the unmanned workshop, CMAL is growing into a world-class green and intelligent supply chain logistics technology company.

A staff introduces the digital widescreen that displays the latest operation statistics in the Chang’an Minsheng Information Building. (iChongqing/Truman PENG)


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