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Laowai @ Chongqing Will Be Launched on June 10th


Chongqing-“2021 Laowai @ Chongqing—Having Great Time to Explore the City” will be launched in Ba’nan on June 10th and last until December 30th, which will invite expatriates in Chongqing to experience the charms of the city by participating in intangible culture heritage classes, visiting internet celebrity tourist attractions, celebrating traditional festivals and so forth.

Now the online recruiting process has opened, and expatriates in Chongqing can get registered via the Email bntqw@126.com.

the press conference of “2021 Laowai @ Chongqing (iChongqing/Mu Xuelin)

Experiencing Chongqing’s Intangible Culture Heritages

Experience the Mudong Fold Song (photo/ the organizer)

Learning the intangible culture heritages will still be part of the activity. From June to December, Chongqing’s inheritors of intangible culture heritages will go to universities and colleges like Chongqing Jiaotong University, Sichuan International Studies University, and the Chongqing University of Technology to teach courses including Mudong Folk Songs, Jiangjia Dragon Dance, Chongqing Sugar Painting, Jiulongpo Paper Cuttings, Sichuan Opera, the Zhaos’ Martial Arts of Yubei and so forth to enrich expatriates’ life in Chongqing. Meanwhile, Ba’nan Culture Center will set up training classes like Mudong Folk Songs, Jielong Music Instruments Playing, the Lius Clay Figurines, and leaves arts. Expatriates who are interested in these classes can follow the official WeChat account of “巴南区文化馆(Ba’nan Culture Center)” to get registered.

There is something new this year. The organizer will open online teaching platforms like live streaming and video classes. Thus people outside of China also have chances to learn intangible cultural heritage skills.

What’s worth mentioning is that Ba’nan District will also broadcast the skills and issue teaching videos on its Facebook and Twitter accounts (following Ba’nan Folk Culture) as well on iChongqing’s Facebook and Twitter accounts (following iChongqing).

Exploring Chinese Culture in Traditional Festivals of China

Traditional Festivals contain Chinese traditional culture. The organizer will integrate the “Dragon Boat Festival,” “Qixi Festival,” ”Mid-Autumn Festival” into Laowai @Chongqing activity to enable foreign friends in Chongqing to experience the glamour of Chinese culture.

The bank of Mudong River Street (iChongqing/Mu Xuelin)

In the “Dragon Boat Festival,” officials from foreign consulates in Chongqing and Chengdu as well as foreign friends will be invited to tour the ancient town and make Zongzi in Fengsheng Ancient Town and see the development of the opening-up and taste delicacies from ASEAN. During Qixi Festival, foreign friends will be invited to celebrate the romantic festival at Mudong River Street. During Mid-Autumn Festival, foreign friends will be invited to visit Huaxi Culture & Sports Center to enjoy the art exhibition.

The New Six “Ones” to Be Native

It’s the 4th year for Laowai @Chongqing to be held. The activities of the former three years had attracted 1,214 participants. Most former activities were about seeing the development of villages. However, there is something different this year.

Fengsheng Ancient Town (iChongiqng/Mu Xuelin)

According to the introduction, to demonstrate Chongqing’s development in an all-around way, the organizer will arrange visiting places outside of Ba’nan District to enable foreign friends to visit other districts. Every month, expatriates in Chongqing will be invited to become the native through six “ones” activities, including visiting one Internet Celebrity Tourist Attraction, Competing in one Chinese or Foreign cooking, experiencing one harvest in the rural area, celebrating one traditional Chinese festival, hearing one story about how people become moderate prosperity and learn one farming skill.


A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision

A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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