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Grand Opening of the 6th Chongqing Sports Meeting Held in Yongchuan


Chongqing – The opening ceremony of the 6th Chongqing Sports Meeting was held at the Yongchuan Sports Center on the evening of May 18. Nearly 3,000 actors contributed to a splendid cultural and sports feast for the ears and eyes, providing a unique window for the global audience to know, feel, and understand the Yongchuan vibe.

Accompanied by the thrilling anthem “Marching Athletes,” 47 delegations entered the main stadium in an orderly manner, one after the other. The representatives of each team wore sportswear and took a tidy step, demonstrating the vigor and youthful vitality of the national fitness program.

The main entrance to the Yongchuan Sports Center. (iChongqing/Truman PENG)

This cultural and sports show lasted about 50 minutes and was divided into three chapters: “City of Mountains and Rivers, Land of Beauties and Blessings,” “Bravery Rides with the Growing Tide,” and “Recasting A Hundred Years of Glory.” The cultural and sports performances highlighted the beauty and temperament of Chongqing’s “Mountain City” image and “River Crossing” spirit. Moreover, it fully demonstrated Yongchuan’s unremitting pursuit of building a manufacturing town, a smart city, and a happy Yongchuan living environment.

The audience seating area is full of flag-waving spectators. (iChongqing/Truman PENG)

After the various performances, the opening ceremony ushered in the most exciting lighting show. Next, five athletes, including Chongqing Youth Women’s Basketball Team member Li Qingyang, Tian Yuqin from Nan’an District, rock climber Ma Zida, and track and field athlete Bie Ge jointly ignited the torch of the 6th Chongqing Sports Meeting, pushing the atmosphere of the opening ceremony to climax. Then, celebrity singers Han Lei and Tan Weiwei sang the theme song of the 6th Chongqing Sports Meeting, “Lucky Six,” which brought a successful conclusion to the opening ceremony.

Fireworks are set off to mark the launching of the 6th Chongqing Sports Meeting. (iChongqing/Truman PENG)

The Chongqing Sports Meeting is a comprehensive sports meeting with the highest specifications, the largest scale, and the highest level of the city. It is held every four years. In order to bring a unique audiovisual feast to the audience, the 6th Chongqing Sports Meeting Organizing Committee carefully planned to make full use of high-tech elements such as sound, light, electricity, and digital images to create a cheerful, happy, and healthy on-site atmosphere. And with the help of virtual reality (VR), holographic projection, and some other technologies, the opening ceremony audience immersed themselves in a once-in-a-lifetime watching experience.

Various audiovisual technologies are deployed to provide the audience with a cultural and sports feast for the ears and eyes. (iChongqing/Truman PENG)


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