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Vlog: Explore the Natural Three Bridges of Wulong that Featured in Blockbuster Transformers 4


Chongqing- The Three Natural Bridges called Tianlong, Qinglong and Heilong are geological wonders that stand 300 meters above the fissure amidst spectacular karst precipices and pristine ecological surroundings. The arch height and bridge thickness have been listed among the greatest worldwide according to adventurers and experts in geology, who have also labeled the attraction as a wonder of the world.

The 5A rated scenic area was officially opened to visitors on 1 May 2000 and was successfully declared a world natural heritage in June 2007. Since this time, the Natural Three Bridges have featured in various motion pictures and television programs, including Transformers 4, Curse of the Golden Flower, Go Fighting, and Where Are We Going, Dad?

Following a successful conclusion to the Wuling Mountain Cultural Tourism Summit, I accepted an invitation from the Wulong Publicity Department to tour the Natural Three Bridges without hesitation and spent a few hours exploring the magnificent scenery and famous courtyard featured in popular films and TV shows.

The Wuling Mountains span 81 districts and counties across the southeast of Chongqing Municipality and neighboring Hubei, Hunan, and Guizhou provinces. While the numerous tourist resorts, including Fairy Mountain, Enshi, Zhangjiajie, and Fanjing Mountain, previously operated independently of each other, the summit was convened for the first time on May25-27th to enhance cooperation in infrastructure, services, and platforms to share tourism resources and attract greater numbers of tourists nationally.


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