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10,000 Graduate Artworks Debut at the 2021 Blooming June

By Eiko ChengICHONGQING|Jun 05,2021

Chongqing- Sichuan Fine Arts Institute(SCFAI), with a history of over 79 years, is one of China’s four most prominent art academies and the only one in SW China. Every year, the new graduate exhibition, known as Blooming June Art Tour of SCFAI, appears as a striking activity downtown. The diversity and creativity of those graduate work preserved features and traditions of SCFAI. On June 3rd, the opening ceremony of the 17th Chongqing Grand Art Market- Blooming June Art Tour was held in the Art Museum of SCFAI. A cooperation contract has been signed between the university, Chongqing Cultural Investment Group, and Sunac China. Almost 10,000 pieces of artwork from undergraduate and postgraduate were exhibited online and in the museum simultaneously. Those works cover 4 top disciplines and 21 undergraduate majors, including schools of fine arts, design, drama, film and TV, artistic theory, education, and university architecture.

Features of the 2021 Blooming June Art Tour

This year’s graduate exhibition showcases the most intensive teaching result of SCFAI. Undergraduate works are in the museum and Huangjueping Area, and postgraduate works are in the Huxi Commune, which is a studio complex for artists of SCFAI. Therefore, visitors could appreciate all the works on one campus tour, including oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, Chinese painting, calligraphy,  comprehensive art, animation, visual communication design, digital media art, etc. Besides, the exhibition especially displays the teaching results of the “Individualized Training Featured Studio” that was first established at domestic in 2015. This is a report on the results of the SCFAI’s s exploration of contemporary art education mentoring reform under the background of Chinese modern universities.

The exhibition hall of 2021 Blooming June(iChongqing/ Eiko Cheng)

The exhibition hall of 2021 Blooming June ( iChongqing / Eiko Cheng)

In this year, graduate works have a stronger connection to the specific issues of the real world. For example, the School of Design researches important topics such as green sustainability, social issues, cultural inheritance, and dissemination in China; In addition, the School of Public Art conducts research and design on urban public spaces such as the Jiulongpo Peninsula, the power plant industrial site, Huangjueping Street, and Chongqing Art Park, etc.; Moreover, the School of Architecture and Environmental Art Researches are carried out in Bishan, Fengsheng Ancient Town in Chongqing, to explore design practices and experiments in the context of art. These new researches reflect the sensitivity, diversity, innovation, and artistic expression of students. They show that the SCFAI’s exploration of serving the national strategy and promoting the city’s development.

Jiao Xingtao, the Deputy Director of SCFAI, was doing a live stream at the exhibition. (iChongqing\Eiko Cheng)

Jiao Xingtao, the Deputy Director of SCFAI, was doing a live stream at the exhibition. (iChongqing\Eiko Cheng)

Dozens of relative activities will be held this year. On the online exhibition, each school will do a live stream to recommend and interpret the works to the audience; And more than 80 short videos are telling stories behind the creation; Also, there is voting for netizen to select the “Most Popular Works Award,” and the school will hold an award ceremony for the winners and give out special bonuses; Visitors can purchase graduate works through the Chongqing Art Market’s online mall. The school will continue to implement the “Urban Art Cell Cultivation Plan.” Some majors will hold graduation exhibitions in venues outside the school to allow artworks to enter the public community.

The bloom of Chongqing Grand Art Market

The offline exhibition will continue until June 18, 2021, and the online exhibition will continue until July 10, 2021. While cooperating with local media, the online exhibition provides an approachable way of viewing. In fact, the views count was more than 3.5 million during the online art tour in 2020. Since the exhibition was held as a public activity in 2005, it became an important art festival and cultural event in Chongqing, a famous tourist destination. Each year the participation is more than 2 million.

The signing of the coopreration contract at the opening ceremony.(iChongqing\ Eiko Cheng)

The signing of the cooperation contract at the opening ceremony. (iChongqing\ Eiko Cheng)

The whole Blooming June event works as organic cooperation between the university, the local government, and enterprises. This year, it continued to promote the “Urban Art Cell Cultivation Program” and implemented them in the public art space in Chongqing. In addition, well-known curators of the SCAFI will organize a large number of outstanding works of the university and open the “Chongqing Art Market· Blooming June,” the main exhibition outside the campus.

Our reporter also did a livestream on iChongqing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels to share with our oversea audience the wonderful event. 

Play back the livestream:


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