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The 7th Western China Tourism Industry Expo (WTE) & 2021 Chongqing International Culture and Tourism Industry Expo (CICTIE) will be held at the Chongqing International Expo Center from June 11 to 14, merging the annual CICTIE event and biannual WTE event together for the first time.

At the event, thousands of culture and tourism enterprises from 38 districts and counties of Chongqing will bring a colorful cultural feast to the public. The public can enjoy various folklore performances, experience the intangible cultural heritage arts and crafts, and taste local specialties.

Thousands of culture and tourism enterprises with many highlights

At the exhibition site, all 38 districts and counties of Chongqing, the Wansheng Economic Development Zone, and the Liangjiang New Area will be present. Compared with the previous ones, the exhibition of 2021 will have more enriching activities.

Shizhu is one of the four Tujia autonomous counties in China. At the exhibition, Shizhu County has added the Tujia hanging foot tower elements in the design of the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall displays the culture and tourism characteristics of Shizhu County with the main themes of recreation, Tujia style, and intangible cultural heritage.


The Hands-swaying dance of Tujia people in Shizhu (Photo/The Organizing Committee)

Banan District will move the B&B into the exhibition. With the ecological resources of Banan mountains and waters, the human resources of ancient towns and B&B, as well as the core resources of hot springs as carriers, Banan District will showcase itself as the millennium watchtower of Bayu culture, the ecological treasures of Yangtze River, and the hometown of hot springs in China.

Experience Chongqing’s intangible heritage and the flavor of Bayu

During the exhibition, many intangible cultural heritage projects will appear on stage. Wonderful stage activities, folk art performances, and newly launched tourist destinations will be presented, allowing visitors to enjoy a one-stop shopping, eating, playing, and learning a fun experience.

Bishan District will bring visitors “Bishan goodies” such as Bishan rabbit, Laifeng fish, Bishan royal chrysanthemum, and Bishan jade carvings at the exhibition Zhengze embroidery, micro carvings, bamboo carvings, and other cultural and creative goods. Furthermore, to fully reflect the characteristics of Bishan, the exhibition will design a display area for Bishan special products and intangible cultural heritage items and invite inheritors to show the charm of the integration of Bishan culture and tourism with intangible cultural heritage on site.

As for Qijiang District, there will be a live display of intangible cultural heritage such as Qijiang farmers’ prints. The exhibition hall will also restore the ancient opera stage of Dongxi ancient town and showcase the new look of Qijiang’s cultural tourism development through five sections: quality tourism, leisure and vacation, red classics, intangible cultural heritage, and cultural and creative specialties. During the exhibition, visitors will also have the opportunity to win tickets to Laoying Mountain and Huaxian Valley and exquisite gifts through interactive quizzes.

Qijiang farmers prints (Photo/The Organizing Committee)

To build a platform for Chongqing’s culture and tourism industry

Chongqing has rich red resources. At the exhibition, Chengkou County will focus on the new planning of the red classics tourist route, inviting guides to tell the red story on site. Chengkou is an important part of the Sichuan-Shaanxi revolutionary base. In 1933, the Fourth Red Front Army opened up the Soviet area of Chengkou. At present, there are already travel agencies that said that they would dock with Chongqing red culture and tourism resources and jointly develop tourism routes and tourism products. In addition, Chengkou will also organize interactive activities such as prize quizzes, and those who participate in the interaction will have the opportunity to get tickets to the Kangjiazhai scenic spot, which is a newly launched tourist summer resort in Chengkou and will operate on a trial basis in August this year.

The Soviet Monument in Chengkou (Photo/The Organizing Committee)

This exhibition will invite many enterprises in the culture and tourism industry to match districts and counties’ culture and tourism commissions. The docking projects will cover scenic tourism spots, tourism complexes, tourism resorts, and the integration of culture and tourism, agriculture and tourism, and other fields. The landing of these projects will help accelerate the transformation and development of Chongqing’s culture and tourism industry and inject new vitality into Chongqing’s economic and social development.

The two industry fairs were held together for the first time, which is the biggest highlight of this exhibition. This exhibition will follow the principle of “integration as appropriate, integration as much as possible.” It will do a good job developing regional cooperation, cultural connotation exploration, and cultivation of new industries, insisting on the government-led market operation and enterprise participation to release the effect of 1+1>2.


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