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2021 Chongqing Rural Revitalization and Culture & Tourism Industry Development Summit to Open on June 12


2021 Chongqing Rural Revitalization and Culture & Tourism Industry Development Summit Forum is slated to open on June 12, during the 7th Western China Tourism Industry Expo (WTE) & 2021 Chongqing International Culture & Tourism Industry Expo (CICTIE). The Forum is supported by the Publicity Department of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee and Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, sponsored by the 7th WTE & 2021 CICTIE, undertaken by Chongqing Daily, and co-organized by the Institute of Rural Reconstruction of China of Southwest University (SWU), New Native Land Group, Beijing Dadi Ballad, and Devotion to Hometown Cultural Development Center.

Poster of the forum (Photo/The Organizing Committee)

Under the theme of “Catalyzing Modernization of Agriculture and Rural Areas, Building New Models of Rural Revitalization,” the Forum plans to invite nationwide-renowned experts, pacesetters in the rural revitalization field, and famous scholars. In addition, it tries to offer Chongqing theories and experience from across the country, assisting it in formulating and implementing rural revitalization strategies.

The Forum will be held at the Chongqing International Expo Center at 14:00 on June 12. Keynote speakers include Prof. Lin Bishu, Dean of Tourism and Hotel Management Department, School of Management, Xiamen University, and Qin Yuanhao, Vice-Chairperson of CPPCC Beibei District Committee. In addition, Zai Jianwei, Leader of Yuanjia Village Research Group and industry mentor of National Rural Revitalization Tourism Talent Training Base, and Liu Hongming, Secretary of CPC Committee of Aikou Town, Xiushan County, Chongqing, will share cases on rural revitalization.

Scene of the previous event (Photo/The Organizing Committee)

The Forum is also scheduled to release three rural revitalization programs: Rural Designers Training Program, Village Songs Program, and Oral History of Villages-Recording Stories of Hometowns. Based on them, Chongqing is about to cultivate 1,000 young designers for rural areas, help 1,000 villages create their own songs, and collect 1,000 articles telling the history of villages or describing the rural culture and natural landscape.

Besides, the Forum will unveil the WeChat official account, Xiangxuetang (lit. the school of rural areas), co-developed by Chongqing Daily and SWU Institute of Rural Reconstruction of China. It delivers such services as rural revitalization online training, online course consultation, and offline practice, with aims to become a platform for Chongqing to communicate and cooperate with China’s experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, and outstanding workers, pool high-caliber talent, and serve rural revitalization.

Scene of the previous event (Photo/The Organizing Committee)

Next, national rural revitalization pilot towns/townships will welcome relevant courses, creating a wider space for integrating theoretical study and practical learning around the strategy.

Chongqing Daily News Group established the Rural Revitalization Research Institute in April 2021. Since then, the institute has been working with the SWU Institute of Rural Reconstruction of China, New Native Land Group, and Devotion to Hometown Cultural Development Center to make plans for diverse rural revitalization training, pool talent resources from governments, industries, universities, and media, and explore role models and new development paths and patterns in this field. By then, the institute can provide intellectual support for primary-level officials and entrepreneurs, allowing them to boost agricultural upgrades, improve rural areas, and increase farmers’ incomes. Meanwhile, it can also help the modernization of agriculture and rural areas at a faster pace.

Invitation letter (Photo/The Organizing Committee)


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