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110,000 Tons of Wushan Crispy Plums are Ready to Sell in Late June

By Wen ZhongICHONGQING|Jun 17,2021

The new production season of crispy plums from Wushan is ready on June 26, about 110,000 tons of Wushan crispy plums will be sold worldwide then. The supply season usually lasts around 60 days until the end of August, according to a press conference of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of Wushan County on June 16.

Wushan crispy plums, photo by Wen Zhong

Situated at 30 degrees north latitude, Wushan county has a mild climate all year round. The abundant rainfall, sufficient sunshine, and good air for an average of more than 340 days per year give birth to the “ecological baby” of Wushan Crispy Plums. Wushan County has a history of plum cultivation spanning nearly one thousand years since the Tang and Song Dynasties. In recent decades, as its planting technology has been continuously optimized, Wushan Crispy Plums have won a number of national qualification certificates. Professional institutions estimated the brand value of Wushan Crispy Plums to be at 1.918 billion yuan in 2020, ranking first in all national plum varieties.

press conference of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of Wushan County on June 16.

Strict product classification standards are made to boost a better promotion of the plums in 2021. Fancy plums(more than 42g), Fine plums(38g-32g), and good plums(30-23g) are available to satisfy different demands. Different package specifications, which have the unified package, logo, and OR code are also provided to make consumers buy the authentic Wushan Crispy Plums they want.

the plums on the tree, photo by Wen Zhong

According to the press conference, Wushan has also prepared a bonus policy for the online and offline sectors to further encourage dealers to increase their sales enthusiasm from June 26 to August 20, 2021. For the online sector, Wushan has a “big gift” for dealers. Dealers with 300,000 orders and above will have a one-time reward of 200,000 yuan; dealers with 400,000 orders and above will have a one-time reward of 300,000 yuan. In the offline section, for merchants or purchasing agents authorized by the Wushan Fruit Industry Center to purchase and sell Wushan Crispy Plums in 2021, the sales of Wushan Crispy Plums above 50 tons will get 100 yuan per ton in Chongqing (excluding Wushan County) and Hubei, 150 yuan per ton in other regions across the country to provide logistics subsidies on behalf of compensation, the estimated total reward is 3 million yuan.


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