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SW China's Chongqing Builds 'Lighthouse' Factory at High Speed


Chongqing – A “lighthouse” factory, jointly rated by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company, is a benchmark and pioneer in smart manufacturing and a factory at the forefront of the large-scale application of new technologies. Featuring deep integration of digitization and manufacturing can provide valuable enlightenment and experience for other manufacturing enterprises.

The first one in Southwest China

SANY Group is the world’s second-largest engineering machinery manufacturer. On June 30, the group’s first smart “lighthouse” factory in Southwest China was completed and officially implemented in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area.

The “lighthouse” factory is officially put into operation (Photo/Chongqing Liangjiang New Area)

Located at the core area of Longxing New Town, Liangjiang New Area, the “lighthouse” factory is mainly engaged in producing smart excavators and other engineering machines, smart engineering trucks, etc. With a planned area of 100 hectares and a total investment of five billion yuan, it is expected to manufacture 28,000 excavators a year, achieving an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan. It takes an average of about 17 minutes to produce a large excavator.

Smart city construction

“Lighthouse” factories are known as the “smartest factories” in the industry because they enable robots to produce smart products according to instructions. Yu Hongfu, chairman of the SANY Heavy Machinery, said that the SANY (Chongqing) Smart Manufacturing Line Construction Project is the first digital, smart and unmanned factory invested and built by SANY Group in the southwest region. The factory’s automatic productivity is close to 80%.

SANY Group is the world’s second-largest engineering machinery manufacturer (Photo/Chongqing Liangjiang New Area)

Speed of Chongqing

Dates about the “lighthouse” factory of SANY Group in Chongqing:

July 1, 2020: Contract signing

September 2020: Start of construction

December 2020: Completion of foundation works

February 2021: Completion of main works

October 20, 2021: Successful power transmission

June 26, 2021: Completion and use of supporting roads

June 30, 2021: Completion and operation of the factory

The support road for SANY’s smart equipment industrial park (Photo/Chongqing Liangjiang New Area)

It took Liangjiang New Area less than a year to build SANY’s smart equipment industrial park and put it into operation, from contract signing on July 1, 2020, to its completion on June 30, 2021. Besides, Chongqing is raising the speed of its urban construction in other areas.

SANY’s smart equipment industrial park (Photo/Chongqing Liangjiang New Area)

In terms of Longxing Football Town, it took the city only 15 days to determine the design unit, reducing compensatory spending and saving tens of millions of yuan for the company. After two months of design, 850,000 square meters of projects, including a high-end hotel, a TOD plaza, and the sports headquarters, have been completed.

The Innovation Center NPU · Chongqing lies in Longxing Town. It took five days to complete the feasibility study report, seven days to complete the program review and civil construction drawing design, ten days to finish the foundation construction, 15 days to complete the process construction drawing design, 28 days to finish the main building capping, and 60 days to complete the steel structure capping.

The Innovation Center NPU · Chongqing (Photo/Chongqing Liangjiang New Area)

At present, the development and construction of Longxing New Town are advancing at a faster pace, and the world is about to embrace a modern new town integrating industries, the town, and its landscapes.


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