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New Exhibition in Yuelai Art Museum|Down-to-Earth: X Ways of Spatial Planning


Chongqing- The exhibition “Down-to-Earth: X Ways of Spatial Planning” opened in the Yuelai Art Museum on July 3, 2021, which will last until October 8, 2021.

Eight groups of architects most active in the building industry are invited to the exhibition. Around the theme of “Wisdom in Space and Modern Life,” the separate spaces in Yuelai Art Museum Chongqing, present how the architects transform the urban space for experience and view the changes in the space related to a contracted and mutated life in the city, based on which to propose a specific solution to space. The audience will feel the wisdom and charm in the space presented by different architects at Yuelai Art Museum.

Feng Boyi,the curator  said that the art exhibition is targeted at reality and architectural design. It does not pay attention to the well-known landmark buildings but presents from the public’s perspective how different architects make a plan and create for a sunken space and in the mode and way an architect employs provides a new model for architecture, urbanization itself, and community construction.

Curator Feng Boyi (Photo/ Yuelai Art Museum)

Liu Heng, an architect involved, said that Chongqing is a city where they desire to create. In creation, the participating architects traveled through the urban infrastructure and saw a different city of Chongqing from other counterparts. Its vividness has stimulated a great desire in them for creating. The architects expect to interact with the public in a more down-to-earth manner with their artistic presentations in Yuelai Art Museum and bring a different perspective for the future.

Explore the wisdom in space

Architects involved in this exhibition were born between the 1950s and the 1990s and can represent almost all age groups currently active in architecture in China. The exhibition does not directly respond to the canonical problems concerning architectural history. Restricted differently by conditions and resources, architects resort to design and planning to solve the problems in between the grand narrative and real life, which is indeed the wisdom for people’s livelihood beyond “building.” It can be seen from some of these cases that the wisdom is rooted in the wild space solution.

Exhibition site (iChongqing/ Yang Shihan)

Exhibition site (iChongqing/ Yang Shihan)

These works involve spaces of various types and scenes, such as heritage revitalization, school ecology, urban shrinkage, and wild buildings. For life with a broader range, however, they might represent just a small cut, which may, as we expect, divert attention to the broader “sunken” space and the future it hides, and thus expand the infinite possibilities of “X.”

A space to practice the “urban aesthetics,” Yuelai Art Museum has always adhered to an open, international vision and aimed to create an international communication and display platform, hold public art exhibitions both indoors and outdoors, bring potential to life beyond aesthetics, expand the frontiers of artistic derivatives, and inject unique aesthetic genes into urban construction and community-based culture.



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