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Foreign Influencers Explore Yubei District's Poetic Countryside

By XUELIN MU|Jul 23,2021

On July 17, foreign vloggers Noel Lee and Saahil Hussain, who have participated in the activity of "7 Days in Chongqing," visited Luoqi Town, Yubei District, to take a deep dive into Yubei District's poetic countryside.

Enjoy rustic beauty in "Taoyuntianchi"

Along the riverside are rolling green mountains and well-arranged rustic houses. This beautiful scene is from "Taoyuntianchi." It is not only one of Yubei District's first pilot projects for rural revitalization but also another calling card of Yubei District's rural tourism.

At the end of last year, Yubei District invested more than 20 million yuan in developing the "Taoyuntianchi" Project in Chaojiaba, Datianchi Village, Luoqi Town, Yubei District. Built on the Eastern-Sichuan-style residence group with a total planning area of 2.8 square kilometers, it brings beautiful local mountains, waters, fields, forests, wells, and other natural resources to full play. It builds new infrastructure, including plank road, pavilion, path, and outdoor square.

Saahil Hussain filming the tomato plantation in Luoqi (iChongqing / Luo Jia)

"It is an amazing countryside view that cannot be seen in cities. It is what I imagine about China's countryside." Proceeding along the tidy rural road, Noel Lee and Saahil Hussain saw picking area, viewing area, fishing area, farming experience area, and more things that amaze them. Moreover, they also took many photos, hoping to convey China's rural beauty to foreign friends.

Noel Lee filming the pig-raising farm in Luoqi (iChongqing/Luo Jia)

"Some fans said they will take a screenshot and use the pictures as their wallpaper. The beautiful scenery here brings our week-long Chongqing journey to a perfect conclusion," said Noel Lee from Singapore.

Having enjoyed the beautiful scenery, they also visited Mufeng Park in Laojunshan Village to experience picking. At the 33-hectare organic vegetable base, where grow more than 90 kinds of vegetables, they selected their favorite vegetables as farmers and promoted them to foreign countries.

Savor the "uncanny workmanship" of nature in the Zhangguan Water Cave

Besides "Taoyuntianchi," a new calling card of Yubei District's rural tourism, the two vloggers also visited Zhangguan Water Cave Scenic Area to experience the mystery and charm of Asia's first underground river.

Exploring Zhangguan Water Cave (iChongqing/ Luo Jia)

As the nearest and largest natural karst cave on the outskirts of Chongqing, Zhangguan Water Cave is home to four layers of water caves as a result of countless years of geological movements. Currently, only the grandest layer is developed.

Upon entering the cave, the scorching summer heat was dispelled at once. With murmuring water sound around the ears, stalactite, stalagmite, curtain, and more amazing things came into view. Along the way, Noel Lee and Saahil Hussain reacted differently.

To enjoy every beautiful scene, Noel Lee walked and stopped to shoot the beautiful scenery in detail. Saahil Hussain was always at the head of the pack, trying to capture the ever more beautiful scenery ahead.

"Except those stalactites of diverse shapes, I'm most interested in the waterfalls. In the quiet cave, the amazing and grand waterfalls make loud sounds like a monster." So in the lens of Saahil Hussain, the waterfalls in the cave are the center.


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