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140 Routes to Explore the Countryside of Chongqing in Summer


Chongqing- On July 27, the press conference on the 2021 Chongqing Rural Leisure Tourism Quality Routes was held in the Colourful Forest of Fengsheng Town, Banan District. A total of 140 Quality routes and 661 leisure destinations of summer were launched.

According to Tang Shuangfu, Deputy Director-General of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the recommended routes for this time are must-visit destinations for Summer rural leisure tourism in Chongqing, with a strong flavor of farming civilization, the charm of the countryside lifestyle, and a new experience of traditional folk customs.

The 140 quality lines, 661 leisure attractions launched this Summer are divided into alpine Summer resort lines, fruit-picking experience lines, flower-viewing lines, and classic folk culture lines. Also, at the conference, four districts and counties of Chongqing introduced their tourism routes with local characteristics.

Banan District promotes five Summer rural leisure tourism quality lines, including ancient town viewing, hot springs, family study trip, flower-viewing, fruit-picking, and sports. Tourists are invited to spend a cool and refreshing Summer in Banan and enjoy the world’s largest and longest 3D painting in the Colourful Forest, rafting in Longhu Gorge, and visiting Pipa Cave, the largest karst cave group in Chongqing.

Tourists pick pears at a pear orchard in Ersheng Town, Banan District (Photo/ Banan District)

Fengjie County is known as the “City of Poems.” In Fengjie, you can visit the Baidicheng (White Emperor City), the Three Gorges, climb to the top of the Qutang Gorge, and watch the terrific show Return to the Three Gorges. In terms of culture and folklore, the Poetry Festival, the Daughters Festival, and other folk festivals are rich, and songs and dances such as the Bamboo Dance and the Colourful Dragon Boat are splendid and colorful.

The beautiful Three Gorges scenery in Fengjie, Chongqing (Photo/ Fengjie County)

Wulong District introduces three routes: Summer resort and senior care tour, ancient cottage tour, and leisure tour. You can go to Wulong · LAB Art Museum to experience the beauty and harmony between nature and life, experience the Tujia folk culture village of Tianchi Miao Village,  and explore the red revolutionary culture. 

A willow leaf boat in a lotus pond in Datian Wetland, Wulong District, Chongqing (Photo/ Wulong District)

Dazu District invites visitors to catch a glimpse of the lotus flower at the Yamijia Wetland Park, enjoy a lotus feast and the ancient temple at the Cichang Community in Baoding Town, experience all kinds of thrilling water rides at the Longshui Lake Water Park, and stroll around the Xiangguo Park to watch a spectacular musical water-screen light show.

Longshui Lake Water Park in Dazu, Chongqing (Photo/ Dazu District)

The countryside has become an important place for tourists to visit and explore nostalgic and cultural life. In the future, Chongqing will upgrade the rural leisure tourism in 3 dimensions, combining the characteristics of all seasons and orientations, to display Chongqing’s natural and cultural features of mountain, river, urban city, and original countryside.


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