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Chongqing Wulipo Becomes a World Natural Heritage Site


On the evening of July 28, at the 44th World Heritage Conference held in Fuzhou, China, Chongqing Wulipo National Nature Reserve Area, as a boundary project of the Shennongjia World Natural Heritage Site, officially passed the deliberation and became the city’s 3rd national natural heritage site.

Wulipo National Nature Reserve is located in the northeast of Wushan County and is connected to the Shennongjia forest area. It is densely covered with ravines and undulating mountains. The altitude ranges from 175 meters to 2680 meters. There are 3,000 hectares of virgin forests, nearly 300 hectares of native subalpine meadows, and 26.6 hectares of rare plant Spicdia cedar community. The reserve is rich in natural resources. At present, 3,001 species of vascular plants, 2790 species of seed plants, 211 species of ferns have been discovered. There are 16 national level I key species, including Metasequoia, Ginkgo, Davidia involucrata, Taxus Chinensis, and Taxus Chinensis Protect wild plants. There are 447 species of wild terrestrial vertebrates and 17 species of national Class I protected animals. It is a fantastic and rare natural biological species gene bank in southwest China.

Profile photo of Wulipo Natural Reserve Area, photo provided to iChongqing

The experts believe that the Shennongjia World Natural Heritage Site has the most diverse and complete flora and fauna in China, including rare and unique plant species. In the adjacent Wulipo Reserve, there are more than 800 unrecorded species in Shennongjia, including 100 genera. Therefore, the inclusion of the Wulipo Reserve will increase the population of important species in the Shennongjia World Natural Heritage Site and further improve and strengthen the biodiversity conservation value of the original heritage site. In addition, after the successful application, Wulipo’s international reputation will also be significantly enhanced, and it will become a treasure that all humankind will take care of.

Forest and grassland in Wulipo, photo provided to iChongqing

“On the basis of protection, we will make good use of the sign of World Heritage and make a positive contribution to regional economic development,” said a representative of Wushan County told reporters. They have divided the reserve into three core areas. Corresponding protection and control measures and development policy requirements have been clarified. A special management agency has been established to fully perform the protection and management functions of the heritage site. Next, they will continue to make efforts in resource protection, scientific research cooperation, cultural and tourism integration based on strictly observing the ecological red line. The “green card” of Wulipo will bring more ecology to the local economic and social development.


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