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10 Application Scenarios in Chongqing's Smart Tourism Construction


Chongqing- In recent years, Chongqing’s tourism industry conforms to the new characteristics and requirements of mass tourism and region-based tourism in the new era. It actively applies cutting-edge information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile internet, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). 

1. “Chongqing Culture and Tourism Pocket Cloud” APP

Keyword: Big Data

The APP integrates Chongqing Smart Culture and Tourism and Broadcasting and TV Cloud, sharing government affairs data among government departments, and data provided by the third party operators and utilizes such technologies as big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile internet to realize visual presentation on mobile devices. It can support real-time monitoring of and emergency response in scenic spots and offer a tool for the culture and tourism industry to optimize, manage, and analyze data and make data-based decisions. The APP has been integrated with 183 tourist attractions and 1,032 surveillance systems in all 5A and 84% 4A scenic spots across Chongqing, with appointment-related information from 134 scenic sites, 25 museums, 29 hot spring enterprises, and six performance venues (including reception-related information).

2. Wushan Lesser Three Gorges Smart Sand Table

Keyword: Human-Computer Interaction

Wushan Lesser Three Gorges Smart Sand Table is a new interactive facility to introduce the scenic spot designed with innovative technologies, including IoT, panorama, and interactive touch, and the idea of cultural innovation. The smart sand table is embedded with the profound cultural background of Wushan Mountain and features of the scenic spot to offer a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, authentic, and exciting culture and tourism experience. Users can customize an interactive objective by touching the smart sand table, which integrates technologies with culture and tourism through deep interaction with visitors and presentation content controlled on-site.

3. Changshou Lake Smart Scenic Spot Big Data Platform

Keyword: Big Data

Based on the status quo of the Changshou Lake Scenic Spot, the first step to carry out the project is to improve the primary communication network and digital infrastructure (hardware and software) in the scenic spot. Next, subsystems will be added to respond to needs at different stages to build a comprehensive smart tourism administration platform led by big data and intellectualization. Construction of the Changshou Lake Scenic Spot involves integrating and upgrading systems, interactive facilities, and marketing services. Smart tourism will be achieved via one center (Big Data Sharing and Exchange Center), three platforms (Scenic Spot Comprehensive Administration Platform, AI Management Platform, and Big Data Analysis Platform), and three application systems (smart management, smart marketing, and smart services).

The virtual tour of Changshou Lake Smart Scenic Spot.

4. Danzishi Old Street 3D Holographic Projection Show

Keyword: Holographic Projection

The 3D holographic projection show of stone carvings uses vertex projection, virtual space imaging, and other advanced technologies. It combines original music and images, creating three appealing light shows based on stone carvings. At last, the stone Buddha’s head will turn to the left and right, and the two characters of “Fu (Blessing)” and “Shou (Longevity)” will be presented respectively, bringing an extraordinary audio-visual experience for visitors.

Landmark Riverside Danzishi Old Street 3D Holographic Projection Show of Stone Carvings. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

5. The Chaotic Three Kingdoms Live Show

Keyword: Sound and Light Technologies

The project is located in the Three Gorges Harbor International Tourism Resort. It is under the theme of the culture of Three Kingdoms with loyalty and the “loyal culture” of Zhongxian County as the core, using sound and light technologies, special effects, and mechanical equipment to present The Oath of the Peach Garden, Battle of Red Cliffs, and other classical stories. The live show reflects the significant spirits of “culture + science and technology,” “culture + creativity,” and “culture + tourism,” become the first of its kind along the Three Gorges and enriches the cultural connotation of tourism in this region.

The Chaotic Three Kingdoms Live Show. (Photo/ Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development)

6. Virtual Visit to White Emperor City · Qutang Gorge Scenic Spot

Keyword: Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

By virtue of the VR technology, the 720-degree real scenes of dozens of famous scenic spots of Baidicheng (White Emperor City), like Fengyu Gallery Bridge and Zhongyi Square, are available through online virtual visit system. Besides, there are corresponding commentaries for every spot, enabling visitors to enjoy an immersive tour without going out.

Virtual Visit to White Emperor City · Qutang Gorge Scenic Spot.

7. Management of Chongqing Locajoy with a Mobile Phone

Keyword: Data Analysis

The management of a scenic area with a mobile phone, based on the realization of on-site smart control and business connectivity, provides business dynamic, scenario-based, intelligent data management and decision analysis support for scenic area management units. It realizes summary statistics, trend comparison, and in-depth diagnosis and forecast for various business stages, including channel cooperation evaluation, entertainment project participation trend analysis, visitor consumption habit analysis, activity planning, product selection guidance, and other auxiliary analyses. Through effective connection and scientific analyses of various data assets of the enterprises, such a management mode solves problems like data, information, and system silos. The value brought by data connectivity has been further explored, providing a basis for scenic area operators’ decision-making from many aspects.

The virtual tour of Chongqing Locajoy.

8. Online Exhibition Hall of Chongqing Industrial Culture Expo Park

Keyword: Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

The online exhibition hall of Chongqing Industrial Culture Expo Park gathered the real scenes of several key scenic spots like the Workers’ Museum, Copper Cash Manufactory, and Light and Shadow Exhibition Hall. Tourists can enjoy an immersive, smart viewing experience via the official website of Expo Park. The VR technology, featuring high-definition real scenes, enables tourists to better understand Chongqing’s cultural connotations and history in industrial development and westward industrial migration during the War of Resistance.

The virtual tour of Chongqing Industrial Culture Expo Park.

9. Digital Exhibition of the Three Gorges Cultural Relics

Keyword: Revitalization of Cultural Relics

Through smart information technology, the exhibition aims for cultural relics revitalization and cultural transmission, allowing visitors to feel the charm of the culture and ancient collections of the Three Gorges from different angles. The exhibition revitalizes cultural relics by virtue of digital technology. With a virtual “goddess” as the “digital guide,” it guides visitors in an immersive experience to feel the calligraphic art of Baiheliang inscriptions. 

Digital Exhibition for Revitalization and Utilization Cases of the Three Gorges Cultural Relics.

10. Chongqing Sunac Resort— Flying over Chongqing

Keywords: LED Dome Projection Screen, 8K Film and TV

This project perfectly combines domestically advanced LED dome projection screens with high-tech platforms of six degrees of freedom. With considerable investment, it invited top teams to create 8K high-definition film and TV works about Qutang Gorge, Mount Jinfo, Tiankeng Difeng (Heavenly Pit and Earthly Ravine) of Fengjie County, etc. These works, with aerial panoramas, will make visitors feel as if they were personally on the scene of these magnificent natural and cultural, scenic spots of Chongqing. This project presents high-quality film and TV works through the combination of high-tech movable seats and film and television images without boundaries. 




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