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Cutting-edge Technologies from Yubei District Exhibited at SCE Empowering Local Economy


Held annually, the Smart China Expo (SCE) is for Chongqing people to experience intelligent applications and remarkable technologies. To give a full display of Yubei District’s cutting-edge technologies and products in big data and artificial intelligence, 27 participating enterprises from Yubei District exhibited 51 advanced big data and artificial intelligence products online or offline.

The pavilion of Yubei At SCE 2021 (photo/Yubei Release)

Wu Qi Technologies
WQ3011 power line communication chip

During this SCE, Wu Qi Technologies from Xiantao International Big Data Valley exhibited its WQ3011 power line communication chip, a popular product across the current power field. WQ3011 chip is equipped with two high-performance 32-bit CPUs, flexible and reliable PLC MAC, PLC PHY with OFDM-based modulation and demodulation, cost-effective AFE, and diverse Serial Peripheral Interface choices (UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, GPIO, etc.). Besides, the chip is also equipped with Wu Qi Technologies’ self-designed software system and chip equipment. Specifically, the system will run automatically to store, calculate, identify, and transmit data when powered up and the chip equipment can realize data exchange through the wire and terminal devices.

Besides, Wu Qi Technologies also exhibited a WQ7003 first-generation Bluetooth Audio chip from the WQ7000 Bluetooth product line. As a Bluetooth SoC chip for wireless voice and audio applications, WQ7003 consists of the EDR/BLE Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode module and two CPUs with DSP instructions and boasts the advantages such as ultra-low power consumption, remarkable RF performance, supporting high-performance voice function, high integration, supporting local AI, and excellent noise reduction algorithm. Its main applications include Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth-enabled smart home, smart city, new retailing, wearables, and Human-Machine Interface.

BDStar Intelligent & Connected Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.
Navigation chip series and intelligent cockpit

During this SCE, BDStar Intelligent & Connected Vehicle Technology from Xiantao International, Big Data Valley, exhibited its highest-profile and also most advanced IV NebulasIV (UC9810) chip. UC9810 chip is the world’s first GNSS SoC chip integrating RF baseband and centimeter-level high-precision algorithm. Supporting a whole range of systems including BeiDou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS and all frequency points, it can be applied to multiple fields such as intelligent driving, drone, robot, agriculture, surveying, and mapping, and timely service.

BDStar Intelligent & Connected Vehicle Technology also exhibited its intelligent cockpit products. This kind of cockpit product integrates IVI, virtual instrument, AVM system, ADAS system, DMS system, and other features, and supports multi-channel HD video input and image splicing, face recognition, drowsy driving, gesture recognition, etc.

The pavilion of Yubei At SCE 2021 (photo/Yubei Release)

Handheld 3D scanner

SHINING 3D from Xiantao International Big Data Valley exhibited its self-developed handheld 3D scanner. This scanner supports handheld rapid scanning mode, handheld high-precision scanning mode, fixed automatic scanning mode, and fixed free scanning, and can satisfy different precision, size, convenience, and accuracy needs. For example, it can ensure excellent scanning effects for furniture using diverse carved patterns and hollow-out techniques, household ornaments, ceramics, sculptures, and even the human body. Relying on the new-generation visual appearance acquisition devices and optimized algorithms, the scanner can provide fast scanning speeds of up to 3,000,000 dots per second in handheld scanning mode and about 0.5 seconds per single page in fixed scanning mode.

Chongqing Institute of Opto-electronics and Information
Smart City “Wan Zhi Tian Cheng” Heterogeneous IoT Platform

During this SCE, Chongqing Institute of Opto-electronics and Information displayed “Wan Zhi Tian Cheng” smart hardware pioneering in China and enjoys core technology and proprietary intellectual property rights and its supporting heterogeneous IoT platform.

This platform’s application scenarios cover many important fields such as communications, safety, lighting, vehicle-road collaboration, and environmental monitoring, which can fully satisfy urban management needs and improve urban management efficiency. By virtue of the unique data mining and brain intelligence algorithm, the platform can consolidate, analyze and process original heterogeneous business data collected, and extract and provide the data of more value to whoever needs them. Thus, the value transformation from original business data to data assets can be completed, and support can be provided for local governments at all levels to achieve the fiscal transformation from “land finance” to “data finance” and leap-frog upgrading through data capitalization operation.

Chongqing Bluebank Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
4G explosion-proof smart intercom phone

4G explosion-proof smart intercom phone, launched by Chongqing Bluebank Communication Technology Co., Ltd. from Chongqing Airport Based Hi-Tech Park, can be applied to safe communications in dangerous environments where combustibles exist and explosives such as chemical plants, gas stations, and oil refineries. Meanwhile, it can also be extensively applied to special policemen, fire control, gas repair, safety supervision, coal production, transport of dangerous goods, and other fields. On communications, it is a phone that supports worldwide 4G phone function and telecom based on LTE (supporting 3G/4G/CBRS frequency band) and WIFI network that covers the whole world. Meanwhile, it also supports the EVA (Enterprise Voice Assistant) function that is convenient for enterprises.

Chongqing LANKOON UAV Technology Co., Ltd.
UAV security defense system for early warning

Chongqing LANKOON UAV Technology Co., Ltd., located in Chongqing Creative Park, is a professional UAV security defense system solution provider. During this SCE, it exhibited its newly-developed UAV low-attitude defense system.

This is a security defense system for early warning that integrates multiple technologies, including radar, frequency spectrum detection, photoelectric identification tracking, and UAV electromagnetic compaction, deception, and parsing protocol, and can be used with flexible networking. Consisting of two major parts of detection and recognition and defense and processing, the system will automatically start corresponding defense units to carry out effective countermeasures and realize all-around, full-time, automatic, all-weather, and all-frequency-band security warning and defense against unreported UAVs.

The pavilion of Yubei At SCE 2021 (photo/Yubei Release)

Chongqing ATEC Technology Co., Ltd.
high-/low-temperature test chamber

During this SCE, Chongqing ATEC Technology Co., Ltd. from Airport Industrial Park exhibited its self-developed high-/low-temperature test chamber. Its main products include high-/low-temperature humidity chamber, temperature shock chamber, low-pressure chamber, chamber combined with temperature/humidity/vibration, single-shaft and multi-shaft rotary temperature chamber, rainfall/dust/light/salt spray environment simulation system, vehicle climate/environment simulation and detection system, multi-factor environment simulation system and other kinds of non-standard testing systems, etc.

The products are widely used in national key laboratories and large-scale third-party testing laboratories, and as well as applied in aviation, aerospace, armament, vessel, automobile, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, measurement, electronics, railway system, power, health care, academic institutions and many other important fields of the national economy.

Chongqing God Arrow Inertial Technology
Fiber optic gyroscopes and dynamically tuned gyroscope

During this SCE, Chongqing GodArrow Inertial Technology Co., Ltd. from Airport Industrial Park exhibited its two products of fiber optic gyroscope and dynamically tuned gyroscope. Specifically, fiber optic gyroscope is built on quantum mechanics and based on the Sagnac effect. Using a laser as a light source, it leverages the optic fiber ring to detect the phase difference between the positive and negative beams caused by the rotation of the optic fiber ring and calculate the rotational angular velocity in inertial space. This product can be applied to angular velocity measurement, inertial navigation guidance, attitude measurement and control, positioning and orientation, platform stability, dynamic image stabilization, and stable aiming, etc.

Another product is dynamically tuned gyroscope, also known as flexure gyroscope, which is a kind of high-precision two-degree-of-freedom gyroscope with non-liquid floated elastic support and belongs to the third-generation high-precision inertial navigation gyroscope. This product is mainly applied to angular velocity, angular position, azimuth, platform gyrocompass, electronic gyrocompass, vertical azimuth datum, course keeper, and geodetic survey, mapping, aerial photography, directional drilling in petroleum geology, etc.

Chongqing MooreElite Suxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
High-quality chip packaging product series

MooreElite is the “youngest” enterprise in Xiantao International Big Data Valley and is also a provider of one-stop packaging services for chip enterprises. This SCE exhibited the packaging technologies for clients’ chip products, including BGA 19×19 484 Pin chip, eLQFP 24×24 176L chip, QFN 8×8 68L chip, QFN 7×7 60L chip, and QFP 7×7 64L chip. Among others, the QFP 7×7 64L chip attracted the most attention suitable for wiring on PCB through surface-mount technology (SMT), with high reliability and reduced parasitic parameters. Therefore, it can be frequently used in single-chip microcomputers and MCUs.


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