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Smart China Expo Sees Chongqing Becoming a Smarter City

By Kenny DongICHONGQING|Aug 31,2021

The Smart China Expo (SCE) 2021 closed on August 25 in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality. This three-day annual hi-tech feast gathered industry giants to exhibit the latest technologies and prominent academics to share insightful thoughts.

During the 2021 session, more than 50 new technologies made their debut. Ninety-two contracts were signed with a total investment of 252.4 billion yuan. For the audience, the event has always been a way to see how cutting-edge technologies are changing their daily life and shaping the future.

A hi-tech feast in Liangjiang New Area

Since its launch in 2018, this Chongqing-based event has settled its physical exhibition hall in Liangjiang New Area.

According to a press conference in 2018, Chongqing has three advantages to hold the expo: the well-developed industry system as a legacy of this traditional industrial hub and the new infrastructure with preferential policies as a solid foundation of digitization. Plus, Chongqing has well-established platforms, especially Liangjiang Economy Industry Park, covering the whole process from research and development outcome to industry development to promote big data and intelligence.

The latest data shows that the scale of the digital economy in Chongqing reached 638.7 billion in 2020, taking up 25.5% of GDP. In its fast-paced transformation into a smart city, Liangjiang New Area is positioned to take the lead. 

In the first half of 2021, the new area heads Chongqing in digital economy development with an added value of 26 billion and an increase of 58.7%. Liangjiang Economy Industry Park alone sees 550 digital economy enterprises newly registered, surging by 30 percent year on year.

Liangjiang Digital Economy Industry Park is located along Zhaomu Mountain, a city forest park of Liangjiang New Area. (Photo/ Zhang Kunkun)

As one of the expo organizers, Liangjiang New Area takes the opportunity to enhance exchange and establish a platform for cooperation, said Qin Shubin, vice-director of the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee, in an interview with China Central Television on August 25.

Qin said that the new area signed key projects with a total investment of 46 billion during this year’s session, covering industrial internet, artificial intelligence, and chip design.

A smart city taking shape

Tang Yiqiong, a resident in Liangjiang New Area, was surprised when she first visited the Lijia Smart Park with her granddaughter. 

The ecological smart park is built on a historic site with well preserved beautiful scenery and cutting-edge technologies. 

In the park, robots are serving visitors food and drinks. Shuttle buses are working properly without a driver in them. The trails are equipped with an automatic cooling down system ensuring pleasant temperature and humidity.

“Brilliant! It’s nothing I could have imagined.” Tang said her granddaughter was especially attracted to the 5G Pavilion, where 5G technology empowers interactive entertainment, including VR virtual driving, immersive bicycle, robotic hockey.

Lijia Smart Park has become one of the trendiest parks in Chongqing with smart technologies applied in park facilities. (Photo/ Zhang Kunkun)

The park presents a featured tour during the 2021 Smart China Expo, “a smart day.” With 60 smart scenarios and 130 interactive experiences developed, visitors can enjoy a near-future life, where technologies take care of every detail. 

Not only is it demonstrated in the park, but technologies also enable more smart scenarios in everyday life for residents in the new area.

The first three-star smart community in Chongqing, the Yunding cluster of Longfor Liangjiang City, is located in Liangjiang New Area. When Yu Yao moved in with his wife last year, he soon noted how their daily lives improved with the smart devices in this gated community.

Residents here can enter the gate just by face-scanning, flat would be in safe hands even when the owner is away as long as the security system is turned on, and the service team can be easily reached via an APP and solve problems promptly. 

“We came to Chongqing as we see a promising future here, it turns out our life here is better than expected,” Yu said, with the APP, his family has been taken good care of by the service team and connected with the neighbors, with whom his family spends a lot of quality time together.

Liangjiang New Area has built 42 smart communities like Yunding, and the number is growing.

Tang’s son, who has followed the SCE every year for professional reasons, said, “The exhibition is impressive indeed, but how technologies make our city a better place is what matters more. Here in Liangjiang, I see an accurate display of the SCE theme– Smart Technology: Empowering the Economy, Enriching Life.”

(Source: Guo Shuyu, Liangjiang New Area)


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