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Key Projects Signed to Build Vaccine Valley in SW. China


On August 23, the Smart China Expo 2021 Key Projects Signing Ceremony was held in Chongqing. Three projects, Shouheng ASEAN Food Industrial Park, Bovax Biopharm Capacity Expansion and Industrialization Project, BSL-3 Laboratory and Model Animal Center Project, were signed in Banan district, with a combined investment reaching 16 billion yuan. 

SCE Signing Ceremony

The Key Project Signing Ceremony of SCE 2021 was held in Chongqing on 23th August 2021. (Photograph-Qian Bo)

Chongqing Vaccine Valley

As Chongqing’s only and domestically leading manufacturer of recombinant vaccines, Chongqing Bovax Biopharm Co., Ltd. presents a highlight in the ceremony.

Bovax Biopharm(photo/Ba’nan Release)

 The recombinant 9-valent vaccine for treating cervical cancer independently developed by the company is the first to obtain approval for clinical study in China and the first to enter phase III clinical study officially. It is expected to become the first domestically-made 9-valent cervical cancer vaccine to be marketed.

“The project signed this time will expand the production capacity of and fuel the industrialization of a new prophylactic vaccine.” The relevant person in charge of Bovax Biopharm stated that the new project would build production lines to expand the production capacity of HPV vaccines, new vaccine production lines, and a pilot-scale experiment research and development platform, adding a production capacity of 10 billion doses of vaccine.
“The new project will produce 9-valent HPV vaccine, 17-valent HPV vaccine, multivalent recombinant coronavirus vaccine for nasal spray (adenovirus vector), recombinant enterovirus 71 vaccine, recombinant herpes zoster vaccine, and recombinant multivalent influenza vaccine.” The person in charge said that the project would forge a “Chongqing Vaccine Valley” in Chongqing International Biological City, which will become the largest vaccine industrial cluster in southwest China.

Cooperation with Medleader

Like Bovax Biopharm, Chongqing Medleader Biopharm Co., Ltd. joined hands with Banan again on the BSL-3 Laboratory and Model Animal Center project.

“Located in Chongqing International Biological City, the project will build a BSL-3 laboratory that integrates clinical testing, mechanism research, and vaccine evaluation.” The project will also build a breeding center for model animals of human diseases, which will breed non-human primate laboratory animals, according to the relevant person in charge of Medleader.

The person in charge said that the project would become Chongqing’s first and one of the few domestic public service platforms invested and constructed by private enterprises and can carry out high-level pathogen research. It will support Medleader and major research institutions and enterprises in southwest China to research the high-level pathogen pathogenesis and relevant drug development. In addition, the project will also eradicate the monopoly supply of non-human primates, help Chongqing supplement and strengthen the biomedical, industrial chain, and enhance the research and development capabilities of preventive biological products, antiviral drugs, and other therapeutic drugs.

A New ASEAN Food Industrial Park

Among the projects signed during the ceremony, Shouheng ASEAN Food Industrial Park will be established in Banan District. Invested and constructed by Hebei Xinfadi Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. and located in Chongqing Highway Logistics Base, it strives for a headquarters base in southeast China to gather and distribute agricultural and food products from ASEAN. It integrates diverse functions including exhibition, trading, international trade, food processing, transfer and distribution, smart cold chain, intercity distribution, and leisure experience. It can play a great role in driving the development of western China.

“The total investment is estimated to be 8.5 billion yuan, and the annual output value will reach 50 billion yuan.” The relevant person introduced that the project will be a demonstration and driving force on the industrial development of fresh agricultural products and cold chain logistics in Chongqing and even southwest China. It will also deepen the opening up and cooperation between Chongqing and ASEAN, consolidate the ties between Chongqing and ASEAN markets, facilitate Chongqing to integrate into the RCEP, and expand Chongqing’s economic and trade exchanges with the regions along the Belt and Road regions.

“The Shouheng ASEAN Food Industrial Park is of great value for the local extension of the industrial chain and improvement of the industrial layout.” an official of the Chongqing Highway Logistics Base said that they would provide efficient and high-quality services for the project.


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