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Tech-Transformation Produces Industrial Growth Outpacing National Average in Chongqing


Chongqing– Since the beginning of this year, Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd., located in Jiangjin District, has experienced the sweet taste of technological transformation and investment, achieved through their digital management system for high-precision gear transmission.

This intelligent management system combines design, management, and manufacturing technology in the whole product life cycle and each link of company operations. This has driven improvements in research, production, and efficiency and allowed the company to stand among the Top Ten Smart Manufacturing Benchmark Enterprises in Chongqing, a lofty status they enjoyed at the 4th Industrial Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum at the 2021 Smart China Expo.

In July this year, investment in industrial, technological transformation in Chongqing Municipality increased by 24.6% year-on-year, which has driven the industrial investment growth rate ahead of the national average.

The inclusion of big data intelligence has played a leading role in the innovation-driven development strategic action plan. The promotion of intelligent transformation for enterprises in Chongqing has achieved breakthroughs in implementation over the past few years.

Lead in transformation

At Chongqing Jieli Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Dianjiang County, smart factory production line workers paint and assemble wheel hubs in an orderly manner. However, unlike the familiar cacophony of traditional workshop machinery, the entire process is mostly operated by robotic arms, and production takes place in relative silence.

A representative of Chongqing Jieli commented. “Following investment in technological and intelligent transformation, the environment inside the workshop has become quiet and tidy, while the quality and efficiency of production have also been greatly improved.”

This smart factory constructed through investment in technological transformation is equipped with an industry-leading intelligent production line and produces aluminum alloy wheels for motorcycles with a level of efficiency of 30% higher. Chongqing Jieli has not only achieved an annual production capacity of 7 million wheels but has also reduced energy consumption by 20% with more assured product quality.

‘At present, our second smart factory plant is in the installation and commissioning phase and is scheduled to commence production at the end of this year. It will attain an annual production capacity of 12 million aluminum alloy wheels.’

Since the policy of grasping projects and stabilizing investment was enacted, not only has an investment in technological transformation at the enterprise level accelerated, assistance from government departments has also continued to materialize.

For instance, Fuling District has encouraged Chongqing Huafeng New Materials Co., Ltd. to implement smart projects such as a cyclohexanone digital workshop and smart adipic acid factory. Fuling has also assisted in applying for national, municipal, and district-level funds to help enterprises achieve intelligent upgrades.

The Fuling District Economic and Information Commission official stated they have achieved global leadership in production scale and have implemented secret know-how into intelligent production at Chongqing Huafeng.

‘Thanks to the stable production capacity of Chongqing Huafeng, Fuling has become the world’s largest production base of adipic acid and spandex.’

Districts take the initiative

The Liangjiang New Area takes multiple aspects such as production, products, and applications as a starting point for enterprises under their jurisdiction, as they accelerate the implementation of intelligent transformation and application scenarios.

They have implemented a total of 252 intelligent transformation projects, built 21 intelligent factories, 60 digital workshops, and completed 142 pilot demonstration projects in the field of intelligent empowerment, as the Liangjiang New Area produces immediate results.

Jiangjin District has set up multiple award categories to incentivize high-quality industrial development, such as the popularization of digital equipment, industrial Internet, digital workshop, and smart factory construction, and has guided transformation towards digitalization, online networks, and intelligent upgrades.

According to the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, the implementation of technological reform by enterprises has not only played a leading role in optimizing investment structure, cultivating consumer demand, and promoting independent innovation, but has also promoted industrial transformation, structural adjustment, transformation, and efficiency gains, which are important measures on the road to achieving high-quality development.

As of August this year, Chongqing has accumulated the construction of 3485 intelligent transformation projects and identified 105 intelligent factories and 574 digital workshops.

Among the thousands of enterprises implementing intelligent transformation demonstration projects in the municipality, production efficiency has increased by 59.8%, product defects have decreased by 42.3%, operating costs have decreased by 22.5%. Unit production energy consumption has decreased by 19.5%.


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