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Visit Grassland in the Early Autumn, Explore Fun in Nature

By SHIHAN YANG|Sep 09,2021

The cool September breeze ushers in an excellent time to make travel plans. The following recommendations are worthwhile destinations for your whimsical flights of fancy.

  • Chuanhegai Scenic Area in Xiushan

located in Yongdong Township, Xiushan County, Chongqing, is 15 kilometers away from the county seat. It is the only alpine ecological landscape area featured with both meadows and flower seas in southeast Chongqing. 

The beautiful scenery of the Chuanhegai Scenic Area (Photo/ Xiushan Tourism)

The beautiful scenery of the Chuanhegai Scenic Area (Photo/ Xiushan Tourism)

In the local dialect of Xiushan County, "Gai" means a plain on a high mountain. On top of the cliffs with an average altitude of 1,200 meters, Chuanhegai, covering 28 square kilometers, features a vast flat land, flowing mists, and mountain flowers in full bloom. The "garden hanging over clouds" is filled with azalea in spring, gal sang flowers in summer, Miscanthus floridulus in autumn, as well as ice and snow in winter.

  • Jiuchongtian Scenic Spot in Fengdu

An ideal place to get rid of severe heat but rarely known by people is a countryside resort with a forest coverage rate of up to 90%. At an elevation between 1,000 and 1,200 meters, Jiuchongtian is situated at Lianhua Mountain, Shuanglu Town, Fengdu County. 

Cliff Climbing via Ferrata, photo provided to iChongqing

  • Wuling Mountain in Fuling

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the vast grassland, the galloping horses, the ethereal sea of mists and clouds, and the oil painting-like world of fir and sunset glow will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Fuling · Wuling Mountain Grassland, photo provided to iChongqing

  • Qianye Grassland in Shizhu County

The whole mountain is scattered with granites, which form a delightful contrast with the surrounding clints, firethorns, and forests. Camp on the grassland in the sun, experience the local Tujia customs, and taste the roasted whole lamb; you will have a pleasant memory in your life.

Shizhu · Qianye Grassland, photo provided to iChongqing

You can enjoy boundless meadows, lush mountains, gentle riverside autumn wind, and colorful mountain flowers here. In the embrace of nature, you'll feel at ease and in repose.

The rosy evening twilight and mountains shrouded in the mist will definitely present you a brilliant scenery like that "a lonely wild duck flies with the sunset clouds; the autumn river mirrors the color of the sky." 


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