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Theatres Re-open After a Month's Shutdown for COVID-19 in Chongqing


Theatres in Chongqing are expected to reopen after a month’s shutdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the tension of the pandemic eases, lots of wonderful shows prepared by the main theatres in Chongqing will be performed in September. Meanwhile, a series of pandemic prevention measures have been introduced to ensure the safety of people at theatres while enjoying shows.

Large-scale Red Stage Show Chongqing 1949

Chongqing 1949 is a large-scale red stage show with revolving stage space, magnificent stage design and sets, dynamic naked-eye 3D panoramic audio and scene, and intelligent lights. With high-tech stage performance, Chongqing 1949 will lead the audience to the “Mountain City” before the liberation in 1949 to look at the solemn and awe-inspiring history… The immersive indoor revolving stage with original multi-dimensional design shows its complex mechanical structure and exquisite and ingenious creation.

Stage photo of Chongqing 1949 (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Taking the eve of Chongqing’s liberation in 1949 as the background, Chongqing 1949 describes the story of lots of Chinese Communists being jailed at that Zhazidong Prison and White Mansion endured torture and fought with unflinching courage. Moreover, this drama reproduces the grand scene of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the people of Chongqing fighting for Chongqing’s liberation. Unlike the traditional narrative mode, this stage show realizes the multielement combination of music, dance, and lines.

UNKNOWN of Xiexin Dance Theater

UNKNOWN is a modern dance produced by Xiexin Dance Theater. In the first half of the show, Darkness, dancers try to present their physical texture. The dancers’ bodies are like snakes with spirituality, transience, rapidness, aggressiveness, and softness.

Stage photo of UNKNOWN (Photo provided to iChongqing)

In the second half of the performance, Layer aims to show that one should understand how to design and “imagine” the expression of layers because layers can be interpreted in many ways. But it is enough to understand in one way because the whole world can be discovered from it.

Dance Drama Du Fu

Du Fu, the first Chinese dance drama about “Poetry Sage,” is an outstanding drama created by Chongqing Song and Dance Troupe over two years. As a drama supported by all China National Arts Fund funds for stage works, Du Fu has won many awards, such as the Dance Drama Award of the China Dance Lotus Award. By emphasizing the figure in the spiritual aspect, Du Fu lively exploits the poet’s miserable life and deep patriotism.  

Stage photo of Du Fu (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Du Fu vividly presented the life of “Poetry Sage” Du Fu, describing his whole process of going hither and thither to seek an office, being an official and abandoning the official, and demonstrating Du Fu’s life of pursuing ideals, defending the rights of people and calling for dignity. The popular dance section of Beauty Walk has achieved 2 billion online view counts. As a high-quality classical dance-drama rarely seen in recent years, Du Fu has done well at the box office.


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