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Time-Travel Tours Bring Fun to the National Day Holiday

By SHIHAN YANG|Sep 16,2021

Recently, the press conference of the 2021 "Magic Chongqing" large-scale city theater immersive tour was held at the Huguang Guild Hall. The activity will last for seven days from October 1. In the activity, tourists will have an immersive tourism experience in Chongqing, with Chongqing as a big "theater" and tourists themselves as a part of the "play," taking an in-depth tour of the magic Chongqing as the plot with Chongqing characteristics advances.

Ladies were wearing traditional Han clothes to experience the magic tour. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The immersive tour activity has rolled out multiple immersive theme tourism routes, connecting more than ten scenic spots. As a part of the "play," tourists can admire Chongqing's natural beauty and cultural charm as the plot with Chongqing characteristics advances. There are three major scripts set for this activity: the Time Travel Script, the Republican Period Script and the Song Dynasty Ancient Style Script.

The Time Travel Script

The scenic spots covered in the script include Yubei Tongjing Hot Spring, Yubei Mine Park, the back street of Ciqikou, and the Nan’an Circus.

In this script, players will play the role of a scientific researcher who travels to the Ming Dynasty, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountain city while fighting against unknown enemies and solving one fishy mystery after another.

 The Republican Period Script

The scenic spots covered in the script include Hongyadong, Huguang Guild Hall, South Hot Spring, and the 1949 Grand Theatre.

In this script, players will take on the role of a soldier, engaging in a thrilling battle with agents from the opposing camp around a secret intelligence.

If you are good at acting and dare to take to the stage, you will also have the chance to play with the professional actors of the 1949 Theatre.

Hongyadong, one of the scenes of the Republican Period Script. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Song Dynasty Ancient Style Script

The scenic spots covered in the script include Dazu Rock Carvings, Changzhou Ancient Town. Here, players can play Di Renjie, a famous Chinese detective in the Song Dynasty, using fragmented clues to solve the mysterious case of stolen treasures.

Costumes and props for the activity. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The scripts adopted in this activity are a series of original works with Chongqing tourism characteristics created through in-depth exploration of Chongqing's history and folk culture. The biggest highlight is that the creators channel original script contents into relevant A-level scenic spots and present a 20-hour-plus thinking game involving hundreds of NPCs. This city-wide script game that spans hundreds of years will constitute an unprecedented large-scale immersive tourism activity.

Residents and tourists who are willing to participate in the activity can make an appointment to register through the "Magic Mountain City" mini-program or register at major travel agencies nationwide. Participants will have an opportunity to win all kinds of prizes.


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