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Chongqing Teacher Wang Hongxu: a Monument to the Eternal Spirit of a Teacher's Love


On September 16, 2021, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee awarded Chongqing teacher Wang Hongxu the title of “Role Model of the Times” due to his noble deeds. On this night, the night sky of Chongqing was brightly lit. The city’s landmarks were lit up for the “Role Model of the Times” Wang Hongxu, paying tribute to the hero.

Wang Hongxu, born in December 1986, was a native of Wanzhou District, Chongqing, and was a teacher at Yucai Primary School in Dadukou District, Chongqing. He took up the mission to continue the fine tradition of teaching for three generations, actively engaged in the honorable cause of education and educating people, cultivating students’ kind personalities and strong bodies, embodying the noble pursuit and mission of educators in the new era. He was a virtuous person, dedicated to teaching, working selflessly in school, caring for the healthy growth, education, and life of students. With great love and courage, he sacrificed his precious life on June 1, 2021, saving two children from falling into the water at the Yangtze River, and spent his short life interpreting the profound meaning of being a teacher and a role model. After his death, he was posthumously recognized as a member of the Chinese Communist Party and awarded the title of “National Outstanding Teacher.” 

Chen Luxi, Wang Hongxu’s wife, recalled every bit of their time together. (Photoed by Chen Jian)

In the evening of June 1, 2021, two children drowned in the Yangtze River near Wanfa Pier in Dadukou District, Chongqing, while playing on the river and were swept into the river tens of meters from the shore. In the emergency, Wang Hongxu, a Yucai Primary School PE teacher, and his companions sprinted into the river and successfully rescued the two children. However, Wang Hongxu was unfortunately washed away by the river due to physical exhaustion. His life is forever fixed at the age of 35.

On September 16, 2021, Nanbin Road in Chongqing lit up the words “Role Model of The Times – Wang Hongxu, a good teacher in the new era” to pay tribute to the hero. (Photo/ Visual Chongqing)

Wang Hongxu was born in a family of teachers. His grandparents, parents, and wife are all teachers. The family rules set by his grandfather require teaching with the conscience, teach with honesty, and teach with fairness. Under the influence of his family, Wang Hongxu graduated from high school in 2004, did not hesitate to apply for Chongqing Normal University, and finally became an elementary school physical education teacher after graduation.

On September 16, 2021, Guanyinqiao Pedestrian Street, Jiangbei District, displayed the poster and short video of “Role Model of The Times” Wang Hongxu on the LED screen. (Photo/ Visual Chongqing)

Twelve years into his teaching career, Wang Hongxu won the title of Excellent Coach in the city and district four times and was named Excellent Instructor in the district five times. In the impression of his colleagues, Wang Hongxu always responded to requests. People called him Mr. “Three Never” – ‘never: be anxious, be angry, or argue.’

In the moment of crisis, he sacrificed his own life to save the children, with practical action to portray the frankest and selfless love and the glory of humanity, interpreting the noblest pursuit of values of a teacher in the new era.


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