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Nine Plays to Open Chongqing Drama Arts Center Little Theatre Season


Chongqing- 2021 Chongqing Drama Arts Center Little Theatre Season was officially launched. It brings together nine outstanding plays and will present a total of 86 performances for the audience. All the plays are divided into three categories, Parent-Child Theater, Literature Theater, and Classic Anti-war Theater. The background of the stories spans different times, different countries, and different races, but all of them are using theater to interpret life and learn about life.

National first-grade actress Wang Yi is announcing the performance schedule for this year. (iChongqing/ Yang Shihan)

The drama season will run from October 1, 2021, to February 6, 2022, spanning more than four months, including the National Day, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, and other holidays. In order to meet the choices of different citizens, the performance schedule is flexible.

The “Parent-Child Theater” consists of five outstanding children’s plays: “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Rabbit and the Gun,” “Snow White,” “The Little Girl Who Sold Matches,” and “The Magic Puzzle.” It aims to guide children into the world of art through the performance of parent-child theater productions, using creativity and self-confidence to independently find answers to the difficulties they encounter in their growth.

Chongqing Drama Arts Center Little Theatre Season. (Photo/ Chongqing Drama Arts Center)

The three plays in the “Literature Theater” are all theatrical works based on classic literature, showing the audience the heavy humanistic concern under the collision of literature and drama.

“The Family of Madame Bernarda” is the last play by Spanish dramatist García Lorca, which tells the story of widow Bernarda and her five daughters, taking us into the Spanish countryside in the 1940s, experiencing the confinement of feudalism on human nature in an exotic country, and arousing our attention and thinking about the living conditions of women.

“The Leaning Tower of Pisa” is written by Nadezhda Putushkina, a contemporary Russian playwright and theater director. The Leaning Tower is a metaphor for the “faltering” relationship of a middle-aged couple who have been married for twenty years.

The classic “My Poor Marat” is a masterpiece of the outstanding Soviet playwright Albudzhov, known for its delicate lines and dark emotional collisions. It has been a long-running play in major Russian theaters for decades, as well as a highly sought-after work in Chinese universities and professional theaters. This re-telling version will bring you a new theatrical experience.

Stage photo of “My Poor Marat” produced by Chongqing Drama Arts Center. (Photo/ Chongqing Drama Arts Center)

The Classic Anti-war Theater will present “Foggy Chongqing,” which has a history of more than 80 years. In 2021, the Chongqing Repertory Theatre set up a first-rate national creative team and the strongest performance lineup to rehearse the play, which is performed year-round at the Anti-Construction Hall Theatre, known as the “Temple of Chinese Drama.” 

At the same time, offline activities are also a highlight of the season. The offline activities of the classic anti-war drama “Foggy Chongqing” and the offline activities of the parent-child theater “Three Little Pigs” will bring the audience more in-depth experiences and unlock the code behind the drama.


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