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2021 Chongqing Autumn Tourism to Stage over 200 Activities


Chongqing-On September 29, the 2021 Chongqing Autumn Tourism Press Conference and Launching Ceremony were held in Qianjiang District. Focusing on “harvest & picking” and “National Day celebrations,” all parts of Chongqing will launch more than 200 autumn-themed activities, immersing residents and tourists in the joy of autumn outing and harvest. As the host, Qianjiang will start the first leg of the autumn tour in Chongqing with the “No.1 Magpie Bridge Meeting” activity.

During the National Day holidays, all parts of Chongqing will center around “harvest & picking” and “National Day celebrations.” Yubei District, Liangping District, Tongnan District, Jiangjin District, Dadukou District, and Zhongxian County will organize picking-themed activities like the Chinese Farmer’s Harvest Festival. Chengkou will hold the 12th China Dabashan (Chongqing • Chengkou) Colorful Leaf Culture and Tourism Festival. Qianjiang District and Banan District will host chrysanthemum exhibitions, and Kaizhou District will stage Osmanthus Culture and Tourism Festival to celebrate the harvest.

Canglang Bridge in Qianjiang Zhuoshui Ancient Town is known as the world’s first wind and rain bridge. (Photo/ Qianjiang Culture and Tourism Commission)

Cultural activities like painting and calligraphy exhibitions, photo and photography exhibitions, concerts, and cultural performances with the theme of celebrating the National Day holiday, learning party history, and appreciating the party’s work will also take place in various parts of Chongqing. For example, Tongliang will hold poetry, painting, calligraphy, and photography exhibitions; Yubei will carry out the theme activities of “Discourse on Our Family and Country”; Wulong will launch the Symphony Forest Music Festival, and Wansheng will host National Day fireworks electronic music carnival in Young Extreme park. A variety of activities will take place to celebrate National Day and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The chrysanthemum culture festival in Qianjiang District. (iChongqing/ Yang Shihan)

To stimulate culture and tourism consumption, a series of culture and tourism activities will benefit the people through issuing consumption coupons, discounting, and offering free experiences. For example, preferential policies of scenic spots have been rolled out for residents and employees from Shandong Province and other paired assistance areas of Chongqing. Admission to Xiushan A-level scenic spots is free of charge. Qianjiang District has introduced preferential policies of scenic sites for specific groups of people on holidays like National Day and the Double Ninth Festival. Wulong, Fengdu, and Shizhu have launched online preferential ticket booking activities.

A Variety of Autumn Tour Scenarios 

At the launching ceremony, officials from Qianjiang District, Nanchuan District, Tongliang District, and Wushan County respectively introduced their autumn tourism activities and high-quality tourism routes.

During the National Day holidays, a 40% discount will be applied to the tickets of Zhuoshui Scenic Area, Xiaonanhai, and Shisanzhai in Qianjiang District (except for group tours). The admission to Mount Jinfo Scenic Area in Nanchuan District is free for Shandong tourists. Tongliang District will launch the “Ancient Charm & Ancient City • Poetic Residence” photography exhibition. Based on the characteristics of local tourist attractions, Wushan County will offer a one-day tour of Lesser Three Gorges and Mini Three Gorges, a one-day tour of Wuxia Goddess Scenic Area (Goddess Peak, Goddess Creek), tour of Goddess Tianlu and Huangyan Scenic Areas, one-day tour of the north loop of Wuxia Goddess Scenic Area, and two-day tour of Wulipo World Natural Heritage Site.

Moreover, the “Magic Chongqing” large-scale urban theater immersive tourism activity is highly recommended. With the mountain city of Chongqing as the stage, the activity integrates more than ten popular attractions such as Huguang Guild Hall, Hongyadong, Tongjing Hot Spring, Dazu Rock Carvings, and Fairy Mountain. Tourists, as part of the “play,” can participate in the interpretation of these thematic stories and experience Chongqing’s natural beauty and cultural charm in depth. The activity will run from October 30 to November 28. Tourists who are willing to participate in the activity can register through the “Magic Mountain City” mini-program or at major travel agencies nationwide.

The “Magic Chongqing” large-scale urban theater immersive tourism activity was introduced at the press conference. (iChongqing/ Yang Shihan)

In addition to the above-recommended routes, 21 districts (counties), including Tongnan, Dianjiang, Qijiang, Wansheng, and Shizhu, have launched a diversity of autumn tour routes with activities like study, leisure, picking, recreation, and adventure, according to different needs of tourists, so that tourists can indulge themselves in their favorite autumn tour scenarios.


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