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Don't Miss Out Chongqing's Autumn Tourism Season

By SHIHAN YANG|Oct 02,2021

Autumn in Chongqing quietly came to us. In this short season, to make it easier for you to arrange your time in advance, we have compiled some locations that are suitable for the whole family to go on a short trip in autumn and spend time together.

Chongqing Youyang Stromatolite Floral Valley

Stromatolite Floral Valley Scenic Area is located 12 km to the south of Youyang County, Chongqing, about 15 km away from the national AAAAA-rated scenic spot Taohuayuan in the county, about 70 km away from the national AAAA-rated scenic spot Gongtan Ancient Town, and about 30 km away from the Red Stone Forest Scenic Spot.

Since its opening on October 26, 2019, Stromatolite Floral Valley has attracted a large number of tourists to take pictures. Large areas of hairawn muhly, or pink muhly grass, bloom around the stromatolite in November each year.

Opening hours: 8:00-17:00

Ticket price: full price of 99 yuan for 19-59 years old; half price of 50 yuan for 6-18 and 60-64 years old; free for other ages.

Travel route: take the train to Youyang from downtown Chongqing, and then take the bus to the scenic spot.

Beautiful pink flowers in Chongqing Youyang Stromatolite Floral Valley (Photo from go.cqmmgo.com)

Delong Ginkgo Village

Located in Delong Town on the southern foot of Mount Jinfo, Ginkgo Village is famous for its many ginkgo trees. According to research, there are about 3,000 ginkgo trees in the village, among which the oldest one is about 2,500 years old.

Ticket price: free, board and lodging at your own expense

Driving route: Inner Ring Expressway-South Ring Interchange-Baotou-Maoming Expressway-Nanchuan Interchange-Nanchuan-Wansheng Expressway-turn right at Mount Jinfo Western Exit-Jinshan Town-Toudu Town-Delong Town-Yangjiagou (Ginkgo Village)

Delong Ginkgo Village (Photo from go.cqmmgo.com)

Shanwangping, Nanchuan District

Shanwangping is located in Nanchuan District, Chongqing, with 6,666.67 hectares of forest. As the country's first national ecological karst park, its average temperature of the hottest month is only 19.7 ℃. With large areas of Metasequoia and Cryptomeria fortunei forests, it is listed in the first batch of "Chinese Forest Oxygen Bar" by Forest & Humankind magazine.

Ticket price: 60 yuan/person

Camping fee: 30 yuan for management fee for each tent after admission

Note: Tourists need to bring their tents and other equipment. The scenic spot does not provide rental services, and its closed renovation will last until the end of 2021

Driving route No.1: Chongqing-Chongqing-Hunan Expressway-Shuijiang Exit-Shanwangping Town-Shanwangping Ecological Park

Driving route No.2: Chongqing-Chongqing-Hunan Expressway-Mount Jinfo North Exit-Sanquan Town-Shanwangping Ecological Park

Shuttle bus: There are two shuttle buses from Nanchuan East Long-Distance Bus Station to Shanwangping every day.

Forest in Shanwangping, Nanchuan (Photo from go.cqmmgo.com)

Huangjuemen Qicai Mengyuan, Tongliang

Starting from downtown Chongqing, arriving at Huangjuemen Qicai Mengyuan in Tongliang via the expressway takes about an hour. Qicai Mengyuan is a large flower base covering an area of 216.67 hectares. Its core flower sea covers an area of nearly 66.67 hectares, with more than 60 varieties of flowers and seedlings, demonstrating that the most prominent feature of the scenic area lies in the abundance of flowers.

It's an excellent place to visit all year round. In addition to admiring flowers, the scenic area also has more than ten amusement projects, such as sightseeing trains, pleasure-boats, grass skiing, archery, and bumper cars.

Ticket price: 30 yuan for adult; 20 yuan for child/elderly

Driving route: Chongqing-exit at Tongliang Exit of Chongqing-Suining Expressway-Qicai Mengyuan (The 58-km journey takes approx. 1 hour by car)

Sightseeing train in Huangjuemen Qicai Mengyuan, Tongliang (Photo from go.cqmmgo.com)

Shuanggui Pastoral Scenic Area + Huashi Ancient Village, Liangping

Shuanggui Pastoral Scenic Area is located in the southwest of Liangping District, a 10-minute drive from the city proper. Tourists can experience the busy farming life during the autumn harvest season and connect with nature by walking on the raised path through fields and catching eel and loach. There are a lot of places that haven't been developed yet, so call before you go.

As for food, Zhang's Duck is one of Liangping's must-have delicacies, and tourists can also pick grapefruit.

Ticket price of Shuanggui Pastoral Scenic Area: 50 yuan/person

Ticket price of Huashi Ancient Village: 20 yuan for a ticket, 48 yuan for high-altitude round-trip zip-lining

Bus route: South Square Long-Distance Bus Station of Chongqingbei Railway Station → Liangping Central Bus Station → Huashi Ancient Village

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing → Jiangbei Toll Station Entry → Liangping Yunlong Toll Station Exit → Eniaoping (to Shuangguitang) → Huashi Ancient Village

Huashi Ancient Village, Liangping (Photo from go.cqmmgo.com)

Red Leaves in Kuimen, Fengjie

Kuimen (Qutang Pass) has a long-standing reputation for its red-leaf trees, especially the smoke trees growing on both sides of Qutang Gorge, which turn red after frost in autumn, constituting a beautiful and mysterious landscape. The best viewing period lasts from early November to January of the following year.

Recommended viewing route:

By land: Fengjie County-Baidicheng Scenic Area-Baidi Mountain-take the antique warship to the Ancient Elephant Exhibition Center-walk along the Qutang Gorge (Kuimen) plank road.

By water: Fengjie County (by bus)-take a gaily-painted pleasure-boat at Baotaping Tourist Wharf-Kuimen (appreciating the red leaves)-Qutang Gorge

The road trip is highly recommended. Best places for viewing and photography: Three Gorges Mouth in Baidicheng, Chijialou Ancient Fort, Qutangguan Site Museum plank road, Qutang Gorge mountainside, on the gaily-painted pleasure-boat

Travel costs: The ticket price of an ordinary pleasure boat is about 450-1300 yuan/person, and the cost of food and beverage is about 200 yuan/person. The relatively low costs make it affordable for most people.

Red Leaves in Kuimen, Fengjie (Photo from go.cqmmgo.com)

Daba Mountain, Chengkou

Daba Mountain Nature Reserve is about 500 km away from downtown Chongqing. The road trip is highly recommended. Every autumn, Daba Mountain will turn into the "color palette" of nature.

Ticket price: Free

Board and lodging: It is recommended to bring your own food or go to the nearby homestay.

Driving route: Starting from the downtown Chongqing, you can drive along the Chongqing-Linshui Expressway, Dazhou-Chongqing Expressway, and Dazhou-Shaanxi Expressway to Wanyuan, Sichuan, exit at Shitang Toll Station to the Chengkou-Wanyuan Expressway, and drive to the intersection of Yuping Village, then to 66 Bends (Jiuchonghualing Scenic Area).

Daba Mountain, Chengkou (Photo from go.cqmmgo.com)


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