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Virtual World and China Chic: West China Animation Culture Festival Opened


Chongqing– The 13th West China Animation Culture Festival is being held on in Bishan Chongqing from September 30 to October 4. Since 2009, the West China Animation Culture Festival has set a record of over 300,000 visitors and 500 million Internet access. It is one of the top3 national animation culture festivals in China, which has greatly promoted the integration and innovation development of Chongqing’s animation IP culture and tourism industry.

The 13th West China Animation Culture Festival is held in Bishan, Chongqing (iChongqing/Zhang Gaowei)

The organizing committee invited IQiyi, ACFUN, and other top domestic animation and game enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The IP-themed products and cosplay show feasted the audiences’ eyes. In particular, HEC (Hobby Expo China) live-action models will be introduced to the festival, cultural creativity, animation, comics, and game derivative products are for on-site display, exchange, and sale.

Visitors are learning the details of the models (iChongqing/Zhang Gaowei)

This year’s West China Animation Culture Festival focuses on industrial exchanges, project cooperation, creative competition, and interactive experience. There will be 15 programs in four categories. In addition to the Western China Animation Culture Festival, you can also visit the Intangible Cultural Heritage Town in Xiu Lake Scenic Area to participate in China Chic Cultural Tourism Festival. 

Performers display the traditional etiquette to the public (iChongqing/Zhang Gaowei)

The festival integrates modern and traditional Chinese culture and is presented by a series of theme activities, including China chic, traditional dresses, traditional etiquette, traditional music, and traditional products.

A girl in Hanfu (Chinese Han clothing), which has become very popular in recent years (iChongqing/Zhang Gaowei)

Every day from 15:30 to 17:00, visitors can enjoy the wonderful performances here, along with it the traditional Chinese culture.


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