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Chongqing Promotes Design and Consultation Industry to Go Global Under RCEP


Chongqing– The Chongqing Initiative for Jointly Promoting RCEP Design and Consulting was released at a summit held in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality Wednesday.

The Chongqing Initiative for Jointly Promoting RCEP Design and Consulting was released on October 13, 2021. (Photo/ The event organizer)

A consensus was reached on promoting high-quality development orientated towards international partners at RCEP-the First International Engineering Design and Consultation Summit Roundtable. It’s proposed in the initiative to support further cooperation of RCEP national design consulting departments and institutions, and promote mutual recognition of enterprise qualification; strengthen the top-level design and planning for the industry, and accelerate the connectivity of national design industry standards in the region; promote the comprehensive application of digital technology in engineering technology, etc.

Guest speakers share views

Yang Zhihong, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, stated that cooperation between Chongqing and Southeast Asia benefits from excellent geographical advantages.

Therefore, it is hoped that enterprises from Chongqing will make full use of the summit to hold dialogue with RCEP member countries, leading companies and experts from the industries of such as design consultation, investment finance, the law in order to establish a broader platform for cooperation, confer the design consultation industry a leading role in the construction of the RCEP region, as well as to promote regional economic cooperation.

Engineering design consultation is an integral part of the international service trade. It plays a unique role in facilitating two-way global capital flow and technology while also promoting high-quality development in the related field.

Shi She, chairman of the China Engineering and Consulting Association, pointed out that industrial upgrades, reconstruction of industry chains, and opportunities presented through RCEP are linked to the driving forces of sustainability, climate issues, the resilience of urban infrastructure, and information technology, which offer new prospects as China develops from mere player to a global power in the design consultation industry.

The international transformation of design consultation enterprises has been promoted by establishing overseas brands, expert think tanks, industry exchange, service systems, business construction, and the formation of alliances. Shi added his recommendation that companies should perform well in identifying risk factors, including matters such as compliance, political risks, environmental disasters, and differences in culture and cost analysis. In particular, emphasis should be placed on internal management systems, core technologies that strengthen industrial capacity, steady consolidation in overseas markets, extensive international cooperation and exchange, the establishment of global supply chains in hand with local suppliers.

Flerida Ann Camille P. Mayo, Philippine Consul General in Chongqing, said, “We share the view that the Agreement could catalyze economic development and deliver significant opportunities with the improvement of market access for goods and services, including for small and medium enterprises.” She added, “RCEP could boost the region’s confidence in a stable and predictable rules-based system.  This is particularly important for the Philippines, where RCEP Participating Countries account for 50% of our export market and 68% of our import sources.  We are hopeful that RCEP will also facilitate foreign investments in key sectors such as manufacturing, research and development, financial services, game development, e-commerce, and IT-Business Process Outsourcing.”

Yos Sokhemrak, Consul General of Cambodia in Chongqing, expressed his deep gratitude to the Chinese government and its people for “the assistance through all forms of supports, including Covid-19 treatment techniques, medical equipment, and especially the donation of the Covid-19 vaccines as well as the facilitation of vaccine purchases from China.” He concluded, “RCEP is an incredible window for Cambodia to expand its economic growth base and industrialization potential. In  this spirit, I would like to encourage more Chinese investment in Cambodia, particularly  in agricultural production, infrastructure, and urban-rural development.”

During the summit, representatives from the Chartered Institute of Building, Shenzhen Exploration and Design Association, Deloitte China, Singapore CPG Group, and other organizations all offered their counsel for internationalization in the design consultation industry in China.

In addition, the Chongqing Sustainable Landscape-City Development Center and the China-Singapore (Chongqing) International Engineering Consultants Alliance were also unveiled at the event. The Fourth Sustainable Landscape-City Development International Forum & First RCEP Design and Consultation Industry Summit were held at the Chongqing International Expo Center on October 13.


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