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Blueprints for Guangyang Bay Eco-City Reveal World Base for Ecological Civilization


Chongqing– The Chongqing Municipal People’s Government held a press conference Thursday to introduce the future development blueprints for the Guangyang Bay Smart Innovation Eco-City, which will cover 115 square kilometers of land south of the Yangtze River.

Plans will follow an urban-rural spatial layout based on the conceptual model of one island-one bay, three cities-one town, two village barriers, and nine corridors. The integrated development and symbiosis of urban and rural areas will produce a modern version of the fabled landscape picture ‘A Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains.’

Guangyang Isle

A panoramic impression of Guangyang Isle and surrounding lands in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. (Picture provided courtesy of the Guangyang Bay Smart Innovation Eco-City)

A world base for ecological civilization

The 10 square kilometer isle of Guangyang has turned away from large-scale development in favor of environmental protection and a return to the people, as the bay will focus on demonstrating green development and ecological industrialization through a new financial science and technology city, a Yangtze River ecological civilization cadre college, and a college for the ecological environment.

Key projects such as the International Conference Center, Dahe Civilization Museum, and Yangtze River Culture Academy will be planned to hold international exchange, as well as to create an innovation center for ecological civilization for future generations worldwide to learn from each other.

Guangyang Isle

The future Guangyang Bay Technological Innovation Center for green low carbon. (Picture provided courtesy of the Guangyang Bay Smart Innovation Eco-City)

Four green industry innovation service platforms in the fields of finance, technology trading, inter-disciplinary innovation, and design will be set up. At the same time, three urban clusters will highlight intelligence, innovation, and the organic integration of cities, where smart green innovation projects in science and technology, including a zero-carbon demonstration park and a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone will be implemented.

The mountain ridges of Tongluo and Mingyue will be integrated to create a belt for cultural tourism experiences and rural scenes of traditional Bayu life, achieved through agricultural research and riverside villages and settlements.

In addition, plans have been formulated to build nine green corridors and 145 park spaces covering 481 hectares together with Guangyang Isle, Niutou Mountain, and other locations, to realize an ecological living environment where a park is never more than 300 meters away, and a forest lies within 1 kilometer.

Guangyang Isle

Golden fields shine amidst the ecological paradise of Guangyang Isle. (Photograph taken by Kun Kun)

Intelligence and green development in harmony

At the 2021 Smart China Expo, four key projects were signed between the Guangyang Bay Smart Innovation Eco-City and Hello Travel, the ICT Institute of Chongqing Industrial Park, China Energy Construction Group, and Zhujianyun, with a capital investment of 21.3 billion yuan covering various fields such as smart transportation, big data, and new energy.

Following the plan’s implementation, Guangyang Bay Smart Innovation Eco-City will continue its adherence to the guiding principle that green mountains and lucid waters are a source of natural wealth.

The Yangtze River Green Innovation Industrial Park will provide the starting point in the construction of a national green industry demonstration base, a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone under the guidance of the Chongqing Software Park, which will use Guangyang Isle as the carrier for building a riverside headquarters and green financial center.

Software Park

The Chongqing Software Park will build a riverside headquarters and green financial center on Guangyang Isle. (Photograph provided by the Guangyang Bay Smart Innovation Eco-City)

Guangyang Isle was first approved as a green development demonstration area in the Yangtze River Economic Belt in April 2019. Since that time, the Guangyang Bay Smart Innovation Eco-City has focused on intelligence and green development themes to highlight their mutual compatibility.

It is understood that by the year 2025, the construction of the eco-city will have achieved significant progress. It will have formed an economic system for low-carbon circular development and gathered the advantages of technological research and industrial agglomerations to reach peak carbon and ultimately carbon neutrality.

By 2035, these will have attained a leading position nationwide, as economic and social development achieves comprehensive green transformation and harmonious co-existence between man and nature is realized.


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