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Three Areas in Chongqing Classified as Medium-Risk Level | COVID-19 Update

By VIVIAN YAN|Nov 04,2021

Chongqing- According to a press conference Wednesday, three areas in Chongqing were classified as medium-risk areas on November 3 due to the recently emerging COVID-19 local cases. It's based on the relevant regulations of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council and comprehensive evaluation and judgment by the expert group, said Li Pan, Deputy Director of Chongqing Municipal Health Commission.

This involves the office area of Chongqing Xingchong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., No. 398 Jinshi Avenue, Shipanhe Community, Baoshenghu Street in Yubei District, and Dongyuan Qingtianjian Community, No.53 Huanglong Road, Longta Street in Yubei District, as well as Zhongyang Gongyuan Community, No. 88 West Second Branch Road, Guzhen Community, Puti Street in Changshou District.

The latest press conference about the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control was held on November 3 by the Information Office of Chongqing Municipal People's Government. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)

As of midnight on November 3, five locally transmitted COVID-19 cases were confirmed at Jiulongpo District, Changshou District, Banan District, Liangjiang New Area, and Shapingba District in Chongqing.

On November 3, medical staff conducted nucleic acid tests for residents at the nucleic acid test site in Huangting Square, Jiulong Street, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. (Photo/ Xinhua)

In addition, two local cases were confirmed as asymptomatic infections, where one case was reported respectively in Yubei District and Changshou District.

According to Shapingba District, the newly infected case now lives in Shuangbei Ziyou Village of Shapingba District, a close contact of the initial case in Sichuan Province on November 2.

59,900 samples tested negative

Suspended public places

Based on the epidemiological investigations and the risk assessment results, 28 sealing zones, 62 control zones, and 13 precautionary zones were set at Nan'an District, Jiulongpo District, Yubei District, Banan District, and Changshou District in Chongqing.

These areas have been classified to control, where response measures have been implemented differently according to their risk levels, thus limiting population movements and concentrations. Some public places, including cinemas, theaters, gymnasiums, libraries, etc., have been suspended.

Deployed sufficient resources

The affected areas and counties will adjust the situation according to the dynamics of the control area. They will also deploy sufficient labor and resources to conduct nucleic acid tests, expand the test scope, and carry out mass testing specifically in key areas.

The screening process of nucleic acid testing is accelerated by collecting and sending test samples at the same time to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the COVID-19 identification, allowing the infected ones to take measures as early as possible.

In addition, as of noon on November 3, altogether 125,000 nucleic acid samples have been conducted, and 59,900 were tested negative in Chongqing. Other results are yet to be released.

At present, with the relevant materials, personnel, and equipment in place, this is to fully meet the requirements that make nucleic acid testing compulsory among all key groups and available for those who ask to be tested.

Avoid unessential travels

Dr. Long Jiang, Chief Physician of Chongqing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, urges the public to avoid unessential travels outside Chongqing and concentrations, wearing masks properly and maintaining a safe social distance.

Meanwhile, people coming or returning to Chongqing should inform their destined communities and institutions the first time while having a nucleic acid test, cooperating with the relevant prevention and control efforts.

Dr. Long said that it is also important to strengthen self-health management and visit fever clinics of the nearest hospital if one has symptoms such as fever, cough, and sore throat.

Nucleic acid testing is carried out in an orderly manner in Chongqing. (Photo/ Xinhua)

(Shi Jiaqi, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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