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Travel Guide: Revisit the Historical Memory of Jialing River Cableway


Chongqing- The cableway transportation results from the unique geographical environment of Chongqing, the mountain city. On January 1 in 1982, the Jialing River Cableway, the first cross-river passenger cableway in China, was completed. Since then, this highly distinctive mode of transport has become a beautiful calling card of Chongqing. By the 1990s, the average daily passenger flow of the Jialing River Cableway had reached 12,000 people, and during 29 years, the passenger flow had exceeded 100 million people.

While on February 28, 2011, with the development of urban traffic construction, Jialing River Cableway finally bid farewell to the people of Chongqing. After 29 years and two months of service, the last passenger compartment arrived at the terminal point. Luckily, the North Station is preserved as a heritage conservation site and turned into the Cableway Museum we see today.

Nowadays, many bridges linking the four banks of the two rivers were built and formed a three-dimensional and smooth traffic network in Chongqing, while the river-crossing cableway has become a focus of many films and television cameras. In many films, TV programs, and reality shows filmed in Chongqing, the cableway catches the audience’s attention for sure.

(Yang Chao, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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