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Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street Participates in CIIE


Chongqing- Chongqing’s Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street appears at the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) from November 5 to 10, showing the street’s splendor and the multiple charms of Chongqing, known as a “mountain city” and a “city on rivers.”

Chongqing’s Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street appears at the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) from November 5 to 10. (Photo/ Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce)

Jiefangbei Exhibition Hall lies at W2, West Entrance of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai, covering a total area of 270 square meters.

The hall is designed based on the features of Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street as a place, gathering market entities engaged in business affairs, commerce, and trade.

The Panorama of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). (Photo/ CIIE)

The 3D screen outside the hall creates a sense of high-end technologies, while the “picture + screen” matrix inside the hall presents wide-range pictures. The construction achievements, unique features, and visions of Jiefangbei as a national demonstration pedestrian street were displayed from various aspects.

Presenting an international image of Jiefangbei

“The participation of Jiefangbei, as a national demonstration pedestrian street, at the 4th CIIE is of great significance to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation among cities, and enhance the international image of Jiefangbei,” said the head of Yuzhong District.

In December 2018, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street was listed among the first batch of pedestrian streets to be improved and transformed under a pilot project of the country.

Relying on this national platform, the achievements in regional cultural, industrial development, and the progressing business environment of Jiefangbei and Chongqing have been displayed in an all-around manner.

In the future, more excellent enterprises and quality resources will be attracted to Jiefangbei, with a target of becoming a world-renowned business area at a faster pace, expediting the construction of Chongqing into an international consumption center.

Liberation Monument at Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street. (iChongqing/ Mikkel Larsen )

Benchmarking international first-class standard

Jiefangbei has benchmarked against international first-class criteria and leveraged its comparative advantages based on Chongqing’s characteristics in recent years.

It has implemented several projects according to the actual development situation of the city, kept improving multiple consumption scenarios, advanced integrated development of culture, business, tourism, and the city, and vigorously built a world-renowned business district.

Specifically, Jiefangbei has tried to make Jiefangbei-Chaotianmen business district a leader for the headquarters economy, an international consumption destination, a place for experiencing Bashu culture, and a hub for foreign exchanges with international influence and the sense of regional identity.

As a result, Jiefangbei has achieved improvement in the total economic output, industrial capacities, opening-up level, and environmental quality of the district.


A time-lapse image was taken of the Yuzhong Peninsula from across the river. (Photo/ Martin S.)

Since Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street won the title of “national demonstration pedestrian street” in 2020, Jiefangbei has been deepening its transformation and upgrading as well as the integrated development with Chaotianmen.

Led by the pedestrian street, a business pattern of “one core, two shorelines, seven blocks, and ten lanes” has formed. By virtue of the regional features and advantages, a group of consumption scenarios with the characteristics of the mountain city has been created, including blocks, backstreets, rooftops, riverbanks, walking trails, and caves.

A picture of Raffles City Chongqing in Chaotianmen at night. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)

Furthermore, a batch of traditional characteristic style regions that integrate culture, business, and tourism have been built, such as Shibati Old Street, Shancheng Alley, Daijia Alley, and Luzu Temple. An excellent economic development trend has been achieved, characterized by resources sharing, complementarity, mutual promotion, and common improvement.

Shibati Old Street at night. (iChongqing file photo)

With an emphasis on economic quality improvement, Jiefangbei has been selected as a national nighttime cultural and tourism consumption center. It has further enriched product supply in terms of nighttime shopping, entertainment, appreciation, health care, and food.

 Jiefangbei has achieved remarkable economic growth by actively developing platform economy and emerging business forms.

Throughout the year 2020, the passenger flow, turnover, and per capita consumption of Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street were at the forefront of the national demonstration pedestrian streets, with the annual turnover reaching 17.22 billion yuan (approx. 2.69 billion U.S. dollars). Pedestrian Street received 160 million visitors and saw its annual retail sales of consumer goods reach 92.4 billion yuan.

International consumption center city

This July, China’s Ministry of Commerce announced with the approval of the State Council, where Chongqing and the other four cities will take the lead in developing international consumption center cities.

According to Huang Maojun, Deputy Secretary of Yuzhong District Committee, Yuzhong District will seize the opportunity of building an international consumption center city and connect with internationally renowned business districts.

Focusing on brand, carrier, scene and international consumer demand, Yuzhong District will continue to improve the construction and open development level of the Jiefangbei-Chaotianmen business district.

By 2025, Yuzhong District will bring together 500 internationally renowned brands, achieve total retail sales of consumer goods exceeding 100 billion yuan, and build a headquarter economy leading place, an international consumption destination, a Bashu cultural experience place, as well as a place for international exchanges.


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