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Innovate the Future: Chang'an Auto Smart Manufacturing


Chongqing – In recent years, focusing on supply-side structural reforms, Chongqing has put considerable effort into implementing intelligent transformation of manufacturing enterprises in various fields such as automobiles, electronics, and equipment manufacturing. In 2021, Chongqing will promote 1,250 intelligent transformation projects, and the cumulative transformation projects are expected to reach a record 5,000 by 2022. As one of the leading enterprises in the field of the vehicle industry, Chang’an Auto started the intelligent transformation project in 2018 and is now ranked the first of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise of China Automobile Industry.

The Chang’an Auto Chongqing Liangjiang Factory, built with the concept of intelligent manufacturing, has completed the application of the domestic “digital twin factory” in the automotive industry for the first time. Intelligent connection, transmission, switching, and detection of flexible manufacturing systems have achieved mixed flow, stability, and intelligence of multiple models. The welding automation rate of the factory reaches 90%, which is 20% higher than the traditional factory production efficiency. In addition, the product defect rate is reduced by 20%, the delivery cycle is shortened by 15%, and the operating cost is reduced by 21%. The data shows the domestic leading capability of the Liangjiang Factory in smart manufacturing. Let’s dig into the factory and see how Chang’an has achieved this incredible productivity in only three years, and what is the future like in smart manufacturing of vehicle industry, as one of the pillar industries of Chongqing? 

iChongqing presents a vlog about exploring the Chang’an Auto Chongqing Liangjiang Factory. Check it out, and feel free to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Let us know your thoughts about smart manufacturing and the intelligent industry. 


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