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Online Travel in Chongqing, Let's Visit Ciqikou Backstreet


Due to the severe COVID-19 epidemic situation, the Ciqikou Ancient Town Scenic Area has been temporarily closed to ensure the residents’ and tourists’ safety and reduce the risks caused by the crowded gatherings. Ciqikou, the epitome of old Chongqing, is a must-visit place for tourists. This year, Ciqikou Backstreet is built behind the Ciqikou Old Street, combining cultural essence and modern fashion. Today, let’s take a different approach to visit Ciqikou Backstreet online!

After walking for a few minutes from the No. 1 entrance of Ciqikou Station on CRT Line 1, the tourists need to walk past the big teapot sculpture at the entrance and pass through the memorial archway, and then they will arrive at Ciqikou Backstreet. It is home to attractions like neon-lit Ancient Town, Backstreet Park, Chongqing Mingtang, Xingfu Street, Ciyueli, and Yunci Ancient Road, and a variety of authentic food restaurants and artistic shops, providing tourists with a full range of services.

The entrance gate of Ciqikou Backstreet. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The Ciqikou Backstreet features a combination of tradition and fashion. Walking on the flagstone road, the oiled paper umbrellas and red lanterns on the street ooze with a unique flavor. The artistic shops provide an ideal destination to take pictures.

Xingfu Street is an experience spot for unbounded life that gathers diversified business formats such as specialty catering, intangible cultural heritage cuisine, retail of cultural and creative products. It is the core intersection of the backstreet and old street where old and new cultures collide.

A view of Ciqikou Backstreet. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Ciyueli is a comprehensive commercial center in the backstreet. Surrounded by stilted buildings, the Diaojiaolou Square offers different views from different angles. It is also an excellent place to take creative photos. When tired, tourists can go to the Xiyun Guochao (lit. opera and Chinese fashion) Hall to rest, drink tea, and listen to the opera.

The Diaojiaolou Square in Ciqikou Backstreet. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The Ciqikou Ancient Town is famed for its porcelain culture. The Ciqikou Backstreet has built a porcelain culture-theme block called Yunci (lit. porcelain transport) Ancient Road. With “stone steps” as the primary form of landscape presentation, tourists can experience the porcelain transport culture while walking and learn more about the porcelain culture while watching the porcelain transport performance. In addition, landmarks like Dajiang Ladder and Thermometer-Shaped Building have attracted many tourists.

The Yunci Ancient Road in Ciqikou Backstreet. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Chongqing elements can be found everywhere in the Ciqikou Backstreet. The local dialect, landmarks, and cuisine all ooze with a strong Chongqing flavor. Tourists can also take pictures with the landmarks while holding the characteristic IP ice pop of Ciqikou.

Chongqing Bangbang, one of the representatives of traditional Chongqing elements. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The thriving night scene of Ciqikou Backstreet is also a must-see. Tourists can enjoy both day and night scenes at dusk, making the trip worthwhile. You are welcome to Ciqikou Backstreet with your friends after the epidemic is brought under control! 


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