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China-Singapore Connectivity Initiative Sees Fruitful Achievements in Liangjiang New Area

By Kenny Dong|Dec 01,2021

Chongqing- The China-Singapore Financial Summit 2021 has brought abundant fruits to Chongqing city. As the core front of China-Singapore cooperation, Liangjiang New Area has gained new projects on the Summit.

The management bureau of the China-Singapore Connectivity Initiative was set in Chongqing Foreign Business District, Liangjiang New Area. (Photo / Qian Li )

In 2019, Raffles Hospital brought its branch to Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. It was the first Singaporean hospital Chongqing introduced, also the first international hospital that brought international class of medical and nursing standards, and Singaporean doctors to this inland city.

Ms. Kelen Leong Choy Fun is the General Manager of Chongqing Raffles Hospital. Seating in front of the hotel-style decorations at the hospital's lobby, she told iChongqing that Raffles has the unique advantage of a one-stop patient-centered department. "As a patient comes in, you do your registrations, see your doctors, take your medications, all within the clinical area," she said.

Speaking of Chongqing, Ms. Kelen praised its business environment. "It is such a vibrant city. With such a huge population and a supportive government, I don't see much issue doing business here in Chongqing."

Raffles Hospital maintains its high-standard ward facilities in Chongqing. (Photo/ Raffles Hospital)

In 2015, the third intergovernmental cooperation, China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity, was nailed down, witnessed by the heads of states from China and Singapore. It was decided that Chongqing would be the operation center of the Initiative. Boosted by the Belt and Road Initiative, Chongqing, this western inland city has drawn a connective blueprint with Singapore, which borders the east of the Straits of Malacca, serving as a trading center to the world.

The year 2019 saw this blueprint further developed into the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, aiming to build a new trading route from West China to Southeast Asia by water and rail. This route takes ten days fewer than the traditional route, which sails freight ships from China's east coast.

As Chongqing's national new area with the preferential policy on opening-up, Liangjiang New Area is set as the core base of the China-Singapore Connectivity Initiative. According to the statistics given by the Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee, up to October this year, Liangjiang New Area has signed 37 Chinese-Singaporean cooperation projects, occupying 31% of those of Chongqing. The contract value is about $10.75 billion, equivalent to about half of Chongqing's contract value in the Initiative.

Acclime, a fund operator run by ICHAM, decided to set a branch in Liangjiang New Area to provide financial services and help Chongqing build West China's financial center.

Outside the medical field, Liangjiang has broad cooperations with Singapore. Liangjiang's Sasseur REIT was listed in Singapore Exchange and has raised $650 thousand in the financial field, becoming the first financial enterprise of West China listed in Singapore. For logistics connection, 177 freight trains started from Guoyuan Port in the first nine months, which promoted regional connectivity. In IT, the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Dedicated Channel on International Internet Data has been set for data transmission from Chongqing to Singapore. As for R&D, the National University of Singapore and Liangjiang New Area jointly established a research institute specializing in modern logistics, finance, IT, and advanced manufacturing.

According to the report released by the Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee, Liangjiang plans to introduce more talents from Singapore and learn Singapore's experiences in terms of urban management.


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