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Annual Ice and Snow Carnival Event Opens at Chongqing Jinfo Mountain

By SHIHAN YANG|Dec 02,2021

Chongqing- On November 26, the 23rd Jinfo Mountain Ice and Snow Season launch ceremony was kicked off in Jinfo Mountain North Slope Ski Resort. The ice and snow season will last for nearly four months from November to February next year, bringing a winter event with skiing, snow play, and hot spring health for visitors.

The performance at the launch ceremony. (iChongqing/ Wang Xiaoyan)

"Southern Snowland" Jinfo Mountain has upgraded

Jinfo Mountain has rich tourism resources and beautiful scenery in all seasons. In the winter, the mountain will be covered by snow for more than three months. Rich in the snow and ice resources, Jinfo Mountain creates a number of winter tourism products such as freezing fog viewing, skiing, hot springs, etc., to attract tourists all over the world. After the precipitation and sublimation for  22 ice and snow seasons, Jinfo Mountain has become a "must-see" winter tourism destination of Chongqing for tourists.

Jinfo Mountain scenic area has three snowfields, with a total area of more than 150,000 square meters and an average altitude of more than 2050 meters. It is also the only Chinese FIS junior ski training base authorized by the International Snow Federation SnowKidz. More than 20 ice and snow experience projects, such as sled, snowmobile, snow tank, snow frisbee, etc., are ideal for ski training, professional competition, and study tour. At the same time, the ski resort uses high-temperature snow-making, the snow conditions have been reached in mid-November, the opening time of the snowfield will last until February next year, bringing visitors a super-long ice and snow carnival season.

Ice and snow playground in Jinfo Mountain. (iChongqing/ Wang Xiaoyan)

Unlock the new way for entertainment

This year, A new ski resort was added in the scenic area, which has set up a "snowman dream factory" and other interesting landscapes. Parents-children, young couples, and other groups are welcome to have a visit.

With the occasion of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Jinfo Mountain scenic area will also hold "passion for the Winter Olympics" Fun Games so that more visitors can participate in ice and snow sports.

People have fun in the ski resort of Jinfo Mountain. (iChongqing/ Wang Xiaoyan)

Hot spring brings you a warm winter

After enjoying the ice and snow, tourists can go to Tianxing Hot Spring Town at the foot of Jinfo Mountain and take a dip in the city's first natural hot spring with Chinese medicine characteristics. The hot spring town has authentic natural hot springs with 13 Chinese herbal bathing pools such as osmanthus and mugwort for visitors to choose from. Relaxing in the hot springs, tourists can feel the warmth from the earth's core and experience a different kind of ice and snow journey and a relaxing recreation trip. When night falls, tourists can also have a meal of Jinfo Mountain herbal sheep soup pot and bamboo shoot feast to taste the Jinfo Mountain on their tongue.

Ice and snow season ticket information

During the ice and snow season in Jinfo Mountain, the scenic area has launched a ski package ticket. With one ticket, tourists can enjoy different projects.

Package I: RMB 468 per person (for weekends, limited to 2 hours in the ski resort), including tickets for scenic area entrance, cableway, bus, Yaochi Dam snow playground, and ski resort.

Package 2: RMB 398 per person (for weekdays, unlimited hours in the ski resort), including tickets for scenic area entrance, cableway, bus, Yaochi Dam snow playground, and ski resort.

Package 3: RMB 298 per person (limited to 2 hours in the ski resort on weekends, unlimited hours on the weekdays), including tickets for Yaochi Dam snow playground, bus, and ski resort.



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