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A Winter Walk in an Old Chinese Village

By MULIN YU|Dec 08,2021

Chongqing- As one of the 93 winter tourism village travel lines recently released by the city, Yongxi Town of Dazu County, Chongqing, drew the attention of local media. During a visit there, iChongqing reporter found the extreme beauty of the old town with 200 years' history.

Old street in Yongxi town. (iChongqing/Yu Mulin)

Back to old days in old streets

You might forget you are in the 21st century walking in this town, even down to its wall, the town has retained its architecture that has been inherited. The 637-meter-long ancient town built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is well-preserved. The majority of houses on the old streets are wooden. All the aborigines, celebrities’ former residences, old-fashioned barber shops, wineries, oil presses, and special snacks are writing their own narrative together.

A watch-repairing shop in Yongxi town(iChongqing/Yu Mulin)

Yongxi town(iChongqing/Yu Mulin)

But for all its ancient wonders, this town is also a place that embraces the precious cultural heritage. Residents in Yongxi Town not only love to watch but to perform Sichuan Opera. As Mr.Wang Lianquan, the town mayor introduced, every Wednesday, the school in town well organize students to learn Sichuan Opera, every month, they will invite Sichuan opera artists to perform in the local theater, all the residents can come and enjoy opera for free.

Theater in Yongxi (Yu Mulin/iChongqing)

It turns out to be another achievement of the local government to speed up the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism. Wang told us that the government has put a lot of effort to protect this historical town, including furbishing and trimming the old streets, promoting the Sichuan Opera, and improving infrastructure construction.

Flowers and development models

Saying goodbye to Yongxi town, we stepped into Tianhua Gardening, a place that plants thousands of flowers. It is winter outside, but when we entered the exhibition hall, I became fascinated by the flourish flowers in the cold weather. “we host different Livestream introduction for the new products, pottery classes, sales of local agricultural products in this place, outside of exhibition hall, we own more than 1,500 acres of the nursery. ” said Hu Chunmei, the manager of Tianhua Gardening.

Tianhua Gardening exhibition hall(Yu Mulin/iChongqing)

The reason behind Tianhua Gardening’s big success is its combination of multiple development models. Tianhua built a rural industrial system around the integrated development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. Not only sell flowers to real estate or schools, they ingeniously integrate nature education and research into various gardens; at the same time, they committed to developing tourism to attract urban residents to come and relax on weekends.

Rural villages and international consumption

Yongxi Town & Flower Garden is just one of 93 winter tourism village travel destinations of the city. Chongqing Rural Tourism Route Press Conference was launched on 3 Dec. At the conference, the iChongqing reporter was informed that currently, Chongqing is cultivating and building an international consumption center city, and plans to build three major tourist destinations, namely the Metropolis, the Great Three Gorges, and the Great Wuling, to become world-renowned tourist destinations. Villages play an indispensable role in it. In the next step, the city will follow the tourism development concept of “all-region, all-season, and full-time”, and focus on building a rural leisure tourism development zone in Chongqing to contribute to the construction of an international consumption center.



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