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Visual Chongqing | Weekly City Views on Nov. 1-7th, 2021

By WANG, XIAOYAN|Dec 10,2021
On the track at Zengjiayan Station(CRT), the moving cars and rail transit trains leave the colorful light trails under the curtain of night, photo by Zeng Ruizuo/Vision Chongqing
At night, in the National Fitness Center of Liangping District, the crowd’s cheers and the sound of a basketball hitting the ground resounded throughout the audience, photo by Liu Hui/Visual Chongqing
In Jiangkou Town, Wulong District, the temperature dropped to 1 °C, and the swimmers chopped the waves in the acidic water, photo by Li Zheng/Vision Chongqing
In Longshui Lake, Dazu District, paragliders staged an aerial ballet under the blue sky, leaving behind colorful smoke rings, photo by Liu Lin/Vision Chongqing
On October 31, Guangyang Island opened to the public and welcomed the first group of visitors. According to reports, the second phase of the main ecological restoration project in Guangyang Island has been completed, and many scenic spots have been designed with green trees and flowers. Photo by Zhong Zhibing/Visual Chongqing
In Nantian Lake, Fengdu County, facing the sunlight falling from the gaps in the dense canopy, the man jogged in the morning on the winding mountain forest road, photo by Wang Kelian/Vision Chongqing
On Guangyang Island in the Nan’an District, the undulating black covers envelop landscape plants, from a high point of view, like mysterious cubes inlaid in a vast maze, the cars are in it, giving people unlimited imagination, photo by Zheng Bin/Vision Chongqing

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