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Travel Guide: Chongqing Jinfo Mountain, Snow Wonderland in China


Chongqing- Chongqing Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain Scenic Area is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Specifically, it boasts unique Karst terrace scenery, abundant biological diversity, ancient high-altitude cave system, surficial ecology, rich biodiversity, profound Buddhism culture, and more cultural heritage resources. Home to such colorful cultural heritage, it is hailed as “China’s Answer to the Alps,” “biological gene bank,” and “Chinese medicine storeroom.” When sunset glows on the cliffs in summer and autumn evenings, some say the mountain even looks like a gold Buddha surrounded by the red glow, hence the name Jinfo (Gold Buddha) Mountain.

As we all know, Chongqing is known as a furnace city. Even in the winter, the temperature in urban districts is not low enough to create snow. But luckily, Chongqing is also a mountain city, and it still enjoys a relatively large amount of snowfalls in its peripheral high-altitude mountains. Jinfo Mountain is a typical and famous example. In this episode of Chongqing Travel Guide, let’s follow iChongqing’s camera, take the cableway to the peak of Jinfo Mountain, to enjoy the beautiful snow scenery and experience the rich and colorful ice and snow activities. 

In the winter, Jinfo Mountain will be covered by snow for more than three months. Rich in the snow and ice resources, it creates a number of winter tourism products to attract tourists worldwide. After the precipitation and sublimation for  22 ice and snow seasons, Jinfo Mountain has become a must-see winter tourism destination of Chongqing for tourists. With the occasion of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the scenic area has launched many ice and snow sports activities and held the “Passion for the Winter Olympics” Fun Games so that more visitors can participate in ice and snow sports. In its North Slope ski resort, tourists can play in snow, ski, ride in a horse-drawn float, go dog sledding, drive a snow tank, and take a bath in a hot spring in the snow. 


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