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Yuzhong District Home to Chongqing's Most Stunning Trail

By MULIN YU|Dec 25,2021

Recently, a "starry" trail has swept across the Internet at the north end of Dongshuimen Bridge. Only 300 meters long, it has nineteen turns. Come on and join us to appreciate the stunning sight.

The 300-meter-long "starry" trail (photo provided to iChongqing)

You can take CRT Line 1 or Line 6 to Xiaoshizi Station, leave Exit No.8, walk dozens of meters, and arrive at the destination. This trail was built in early 2020 and was completed after more than a year. Cleverly taking advantage of the Dongshuimen Bridge, it winds down the steep slope for about 300 meters, connecting Shaanxi Road and Changbin Road. Down from the north end of the bridge, there are nineteen turns in total.

The trail has nineteen turns (photos provided to iChongqing)

And it is barrier-free, so it is easier to go uphill. Moreover, to the south of the north end of the Dongshuimen Bridge is an elevator connected to Huguang Guild Hall, and to the north is an escalator that leads to Dongshuimen Bridge.

Barrier-free access (photo provided to iChongqing)

Therefore, the landscaped trail, the elevator, and the escalator have linked the scenic spots nearby the Dongshuimen Bridge, offering great convenience for tourists.

Dongshuimen Bridge (photo provided to iChongqing)

Though the elevator and the escalator are not open to the public yet, there are still a lot of tourists coming to see the gorgeous view from the path.

The elevator and the escalator (photo provided to iChongqing)

When night falls, the trail grows even more fascinating. It is stunning and romantic with lights whose colors are ever-changing, gracing the riverside.

The night view of the "starry" trail (photos provided to iChongqing)

It's worth noting that the trial was reported by tourists. and shortly after its opening to the public. People.cn posted a hashtag #Chongqing's 300-meter-long trail with 19 turns# on Weibo, in which it described the landscaped trail of the Dongshuimen Bridge as "a bending and twisting snake."

Dongshuimen Bridge (photo provided to iChongqing)

Near the north end of the Dongshuimen Bridge are Yuzhong District's stunning landmarks, such as Huguang Guild Hall and Dongshuimen.

In the past, tourists had to make a detour to distant sideways and stone stairways and then walk for more than ten minutes to arrive at nearby scenic spots, which was not only time-consuming but inconvenient. Now, the elevator, the escalator, and the landscaped trail have helped save a lot of time climbing up and down the bridge ladder.

The elevator and the escalator (photos provided to iChongqing)

When the elevator and the escalator are used, tourists can directly take them to Huguang Guild Hall after walking out of Exit No.8 of Xiaoshizi Station, which only takes about five minutes.

In addition, Chongqing's Huguang Guild Hall has recently completed the night lighting decoration upgrading project. Now, the Dongshuimen Bridge has become a new popular spot to enjoy and shoot the night view of Huguang Guild Hall. The neon lamps on both sides of the landscaped trail and the quaint Huguang Guild Hall building group with gray tiles and yellow walls are in perfect harmony, lending a certain charm to the night view of Changbin Road.

The night view of Huguang Guild Hall (photo provided to iChongqing)

Separated from Huguang Guild Hall only by a wall is Old Dongshuimen Street. As one of the four remaining gates of ancient Chongqing city that ever had seventeen gates, Dongshuimen used to be the main ferry for people to travel to and from the south bank of the Yangtze River and the main transportation hub leading to Yunnan and Guizhou. At that time, it was teeming with merchants, shops, and warehouses and was one of the most prosperous places in Chongqing.

Today's Old Dongshuimen Street has taken a new look as time goes by. When you look from afar, gray tiles, white walls, and roofs will strike the eye. Now it is a big draw for tourists and shops of Chongqing's delicious specialties such as hotpot, Xiaomian, and Chuan Chuan(Spicy food)

Today's renovated Dongshuimen Street in traditional style (photos provided to iChongqing)

So the landscaped trail is a mix of the past and the future. As a convenient mountain path that connects the upper and lower parts, it plays an important part in Chongqing people's daily life, and also boasts beautiful scenery and is a good place for exercise.


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