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Yang Danni: Coffee is the Wine for Adults During the Day


Chongqing- From this month, iChongqing launched a high-quality video series: Chongqing Faces Special Series My China, My Story. It is a vivid reflection for overseas audiences of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee, and the achievements of the CPC over the past century, to display the people’s sense of happiness and satisfaction. In this episode, we focus on Female Power: Yang Danni, a coffee shop entrepreneur. She used to be a healthcare worker, but after becoming a mother, she quit her hospital job and decided to embrace her hobby and a new life as an entrepreneur to take better care of her child. We adopt follow-up shots plus interview mode, observing newborn multiple development opportunities and national revitalization from people’s everyday life.


China’s coffee market has developed on pace due to the coffee culture craze among millennials. Coffee occupies a part of people’s lives. It is not only a drink but also a symbol embedded with socio-cultural meaning. Therefore, in many people’s minds, they fantasize about owning a small coffee shop, not as an escape from reality but as a gateway to divine inspiration.

Yang Danni is one of them. Her role in real life is a thirty-year-old mother who previously worked in a hospital for more than ten years, a job that looked very glamorous and decent to outsiders: “She had a very decent job, easy, flexible, and well paid,” her friends told us.

But this tender girl, in her thirty-fourth year, bravely quit this stable job that could guarantee her carefree life. She decided to open a coffee-bar shop, combining two business styles.

She said: “There is no particular reason for me to open this coffee-bar shop, I just like both coffee and wine, so I did it.” Such a simple reason prompted her and another girlfriend to start preparing this thing. Several months later, a cozy, simple coffee shop named Half Half emerged in Ranjiaba.

The process wasn’t easy, you are probably aware that location is essential for a coffee bar shop. But it is very difficult to balance between the rent and traffic foot. So Danni and her friend had to do a lot of legwork to find a perfect place. They settled on Ranjiaba, a place that gathers many coffee shops, however, the price has been through the roof and the competition is very intensive.

Promotion can bring about a huge difference in this respect though, thanks to this connected world and blessing time. Danni can reach her customers at a very low cost. In the past, it would cost a lot of energy and financial resources to do promotion. But now, the network is particularly developed. Since its opening, she has not done any special promotion. Simple is the keyword for Danni and her shop. Half Half focuses on serving the community residents, leaving a cup of coffee for the passers-by in the city. The service-oriented strategy keeps customers coming again and again, therefore, some regular customers spontaneously wrote comments on various platforms, which attracted a lot of customers. Just as Half Half’s slogan goes: Coffee is the wine for adults during the day, the superweapon of advertising promotes happiness.


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