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Climbing Chongqing: Remember the Past & Embrace the Future


Farewell to the past year - 2022 is a brand new start.
Last year, the city we are in was changing quietly. There's less reestablishment but more quality improvement; less wasteful projects are more intensive, green, low-carbon development projects.
Some old factories and streets have suddenly transformed into fashionable and popular places to visit. This is a story about how Chongqing city impressed Jeff, a designer who wanted to find inspiration for urban renewal. He visited the urban renewal projects, including 18 Steps, Ziwei Road, Kowloon Bund, Testbed2, Hualongqiao, to explore this modern city with 144 skyscrapers over 150 meters and find out why people like to climb high and look far. 

Urban renewal is changing the face of urban development and construction and achieving sustainable development in industrial services and consumer upgrading services. Urban renewal is the renewal on the architectural level and includes the inheritance of history and culture. The unique regional environment, cultural characteristics, architectural style, and other "genes" of the city should not be forgotten. Urban renewal should be in accordance with the law of urban development and respect of the people's will.

From the previous "demolish it, change it, leave it" to the present "leave it, change it, demolish it," with "leave it" being in the first place, small-scale, gradual, organic renewal and minor renovation are implemented for the sake of historical heritage, good neighborhood relations, and the inheritance of a stable social structure.

The three-in-one model of government guidance, market operation, and public participation have already begun to achieve initial success in Chongqing. Let's look forward to the continued optimization of Chongqing's urban spatial structure and further improvement of urban life quality in the new year.


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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