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Like a Flaming Torch, the Winter Olympics Gate Welcomes Global Athletes

Xinglinbao Bridge, welcome global athletes of Beijing Winter Olympics from all over the world

Xinglinbao Bridge will greet athletes of the Beijing Winter Olympics from all over the world. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Chongqing-The Xinglinbao Bridge, known as the “Winter Olympics Gate,” will greet athletes of the Beijing Winter Olympics from all over the world. The Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off on February 4, 2022. The expressway linking the two district arenas of Yanqing and Chongli (“Yan-Chong Expressway”) has been completed and opened to traffic, to ensure the smooth transportation of Games.

On entering Hebei from Beijing along the Yan-Chong Expressway, the magnificent Xinglinbao Bridge welcomes visitors with a pair of towering red and white arches that come into view. This is known as the “Winter Olympics Gate.”

The double-cable stayed bridge is a steel structure with a total length of 217 meters and a maximum height of 52 meters. It is the vital link between the two districts on the Yan-Chong Expressway.

Xinglinbao Bridge known as the Gate of Winter Olympics

Xinglinbao Bridge, known as the Winter Olympics Gate. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

This unique bridge was designed by T.Y. LIN International Engineering Consulting (China) Company based in Chongqing.

“We designed the arch tower to match the uneven terrain. We used red and white to highlight the dynamic shape of the towers, which looks like ribbon dancing in the forest from a certain angle, giving people an impression of infinity,” said Meng Jie, assistant general manager of T.Y. LIN.

“The red and white colors of the bridge tower make it seem like a flaming torch amid the backdrop of snow and ice. This embodies the Olympic spirit of striving for higher, faster, and stronger limits,” Meng added. 

“The red color represents Beijing, and white represents Hebei, implying that Beijing and Hebei join hands to host the Winter Olympics,” said Meng, who hopes this bridge can show the hospitality of the Chinese people and greet guests all over the world.


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