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Chongqing was Inaugurated Airport Logistics Hub At National Level


Chongqing- On January 4, Chongqing Airport Logistics Hub at the national level was officially inaugurated. As a result, Chongqing has become the only city in southwest China to build an airport-based logistics hub at the national level. It is the only one in China to have port-types, namely, land-port and airport national logistics hub. 

Chongqing Airport-type National Logistics Hub

The national logistics hub is considered the core infrastructure of the logistics system. It is a comprehensive logistics hub with a broader radiation area, a more substantial agglomeration effect, better service function, and higher operational efficiency. It serves as a key node, important platform, and backbone hub to the national logistics network.

In recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to the construction of national logistics hubs and has deployed to promote the Chongqing Airport-type National Logistics Hub to achieve positive results. In November 2021, Chongqing Airport-type National Logistics Hub was selected among the first group of national logistics hubs for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025).

The national logistics hubs consist of six types: land port, harbor port, airport, service-oriented port, commerce, and trade-oriented port, and land border port. Up to now, 70 national logistics hubs have been constructed nationwide, including six airport-type hubs located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, and the newly approved Chongqing, Tianjin, Xi’an. 

Chongqing Airport-type National Logistics Hub is located in Yubei District with a planned area of 9.8 square kilometers. At present, it has been built up to an area of 6.9 square kilometers. It mainly includes airport C3 plot, airport C4 plot, Chongqing Free Trade Port Zone M plot, International Trade Logistics Park, and Airport Trade Functional Area.

Major projects in Chongqing

With the official inauguration of Chongqing Airport-type National Logistics Hub, a number of major projects were announced to be settled here. On the same day, Chongqing Port and Logistics Office and the Yubei District People’s Government signed strategic cooperation agreements with Sichuan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, China Express Airlines, China Southern Airlines Logistics Company, and China Post. The cooperation covers aviation logistics, aircraft leasing, aviation maintenance, flight training, and other fields, exceeding 10 billion yuan of the total amount of the agreement.

In addition, the Port and Logistics Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government signed 13 key port logistics agreements with Fuling District, Yongchuan District, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Academy of Railway Sciences, China Mobile Chongqing Company, and others. The agreement consists of domestic and international logistics, traditional and new industries. Meanwhile, it also involves the trunk route construction and the hub node expansion.

According to the Chongqing Port and Logistics Office, the implementation of these projects will help Chongqing build a high-quality modern port logistics system with outstanding regional advantages. It fully promoted the construction of an inland international logistics hub and port highland, integrating into the construction of a new domestic and international dual-cycle development pattern.


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