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The Oldest City Tree in Chongqing Reaches 1,000 Years Old!


In December 2020, Chongqing launched the fifth survey of old and notable city trees and old tree reserve resources. After more than a year, the survey was successfully concluded. The survey results show that Chongqing is home to 3,572 old and notable city trees. Among them, the oldest tree with the largest bust is a Ficus virens tree in Jiangjin, which is 1,000 years old! Ficus virens tree is the largest group among the 60 varieties of old and notable city trees.

An old tree in Eling Park(photo provided to iChongqing )

What is the definition of old and notable city trees?

This survey covers all the sub-districts under the jurisdiction of districts and counties and town planning areas of designated towns. Trees over 300 years old are rated as grade-I old trees; those over 100 years old but under 300 years old are rated as grade-II old trees; those over 50 years old but under 100 years old are regarded as old tree reserve resources. Chinese and foreign rare trees and trees with historical value, commemorative significance, and scientific research value are considered notable trees.

The survey results show that Chongqing has 186 grade-I old trees, accounting for 5.21% of the total number of old trees; 3,373 grade-II old trees, accounting for 94.43% of the total; and 13 notable trees, accounting for 0.36% of the total. In addition, 1,843 trees are reported as city old tree reserve resources.

In terms of geographical distribution, Wanzhou District, Hechuan District, and Beibei District have the largest number of old and notable city trees, with 531, 302, and 300 trees, accounting for 14.86%, 8.45%, and 8.39%, respectively.

Chongqing’s most extraordinary old city trees

The survey uncovers some of the most extraordinary old city trees in Chongqing.

The oldest urban ancient tree in Chongqing ( Jiangjin District Urban Management Bureau)

For example, the oldest tree with the largest bust is a Ficus virens tree located at No. 9, Baisha Town, Jiangjin District. This 1,000-year-old tree has a bust of 10.13 meters, equivalent to the total arm span of six people, and its average crown width is 29 meters.

The tallest old tree is a Cyclobalanopsis glauca tree located in Fengmu Town, Shizhu County. The tree is 32 meters high, 110 years old, and has an average crown width of 11 meters.

The tallest old tree (photo provided to iChongqing)

Moreover, Dazu District has the most grade-I old and notable trees with 27 trees, followed by Rongchang District and Jiangjin District with 22 and 20 trees, respectively.

The public can scan the QR code to check the information of old trees

Old trees have a QR code on the tree sign, and the public can scan the code to learn more information (photo provided to iChongqing)

At present, each old and notable tree and old tree reserve resource included in the survey has a 16-digit location code and a 22-digit feature code to record its location and feature information. Each old tree also has 13 pieces of corresponding personnel information of surveyors, inspectors, managers, etc.

Through the big data platform of comprehensive city management services, Chongqing has developed a management module of old and notable trees, which can accurately locate the old and notable trees collected in the system, secure the “one-map” management, and realize the “one-screen view” of the city’s old and notable trees. The detailed information of each old tree is available via a link.

By scanning the QR code on the sign on each old tree, people can obtain the tree’s information and gain a deeper understanding of the tree.

In the days to come, Chongqing will fully dig into the history and culture of old and notable trees and build old tree parks and amusement parks, offering residents access to a full range of precious natural resources.


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