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Self-Driving Products Accelerate Integration Into Chinese's Daily Life


On January 12, 2022, Shanghai Space Technology Company launched the autonomous driving research institute project in Chongqing Xiantao International Big Data Valley. The company unveiled the latest self-driving products and signed strategic agreements with Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley and colleges and universities in China during the event.

“The current automobile industry is undergoing profound changes. The big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other fields are continuously integrated to realize the electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing of automobiles,” addressed Yang Fan, Deputy Head of Yubei District Government, “the era of software-defined cars of the future has arrived.”


Shanghai Space Technology Company signed strategic agreements with Chongqing Xiantao Data Valley. (iChongqing/ Zhan Chen)

Xiantao Data Valley 

“Xiantao Data Valley is the most dynamic software park in China and the best service platform for the country’s digital economy and software service industry,” said Ma Guanglin, founder and CEO of Space Technology. Many international and domestic outstanding enterprises and talent reserves are gathered in science and innovation fields, forming a complete industrial chain and ecosystem.

Yubei, as the base of the Xiantao Data Valley, is one of the first national airport economic demonstration zones and the core region for Chongqing’s opening to the outside world. Meanwhile, as the largest automobile production base in Chongqing, Yubei District is seizing the opportunity of technological revolution and industrial transformation to build a highland for the intelligent automobile industry.

Deputy Yang represented that the Yubei District Government will request proposals in Chongqing Two Sessions this year to build Xiantao Data Valley, a famous software park in China and a key industrial park for automotive intelligence. “Through a series of investigations, we proposed a plan for the development of Yubei in the next five years. We want our entrepreneurs, experts, talents to participate in the common development,” said Yang. 

Xiantao Data Valley

Xiantao Data Valley in Yubei District, Chongqing. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Self-driving products enter into people’s life

Shanghai Space Technology Company was established in 2019 and is committed to researching and developing core software and solutions for autonomous driving. The newest self-driving products were released by Jiang Ruyi, co-founder of Space Technology, during the event.

“We think a good self-driving product should be able to enter people’s daily life as soon as possible,” said Jiang, “the product design concept at our current stage is that we believe the system can completely replace people at low speeds and be used to assist people at high speeds.”

According to him, the space team has already achieved volume production in multiple scenarios at present, for example, creating a high-precision map of the parking lot and how to know where your car currently is.

“One of the biggest difficulties in the underground parking lot is that there is no signal, so we have actually completed this technology in the past two years. The automatic driving solution we propose can complete its high-tech map collection for any parking lot within an hour,” said Jiang, “Then we can do high-definition positioning within the parking lot, based on these sensors on our vehicle.” Besides, the solution is not customized for a single one. It can be reused for multiple cases.

self driving

Space Technology shared the newest self-driving products during the event. (iChongqing/ Zhan Chen)

The ultimate goal of Space Technology is to create a self-driving brain, and this brain will really take people to achieve the final goal of fully intelligent driving. “In our investigation process, we need to make the brain operate first, partly to solve the problems of car companies. While we also continue to iterate the brain, so that the system can be landed to different autonomous driving scenarios,” continued Jiang. 

In the future, Ma Guanglin stated that Space Technology would launch the integrated driving and parking program as soon as possible, to better provide technical support and services for the companies in Chongqing, and even in the southwestern region. “We hope that through our work and efforts, the whole automobile industry can see that autonomous driving produces these practical effects, and this system can really help people to solve their problems of travel,” said Ma.


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